Monday: 4.91 mi, 00:46, 09:21 pace. Goal was 5×2:00 intervals at “a notch below sprinting.” Apparently right now that is 6:50-6:59 pace for me. Also did planks and wall sits.

Tuesday: 2.92 mi, 00:31, 10:34 pace. Goal was to do a double – two 30-minute runs. First run was while it was snowing. Second run didn’t happen because by then it had been snowing non-stop for 8+ hours and I didn’t feel like running OR driving in the snow. So I shoveled snow instead.

Wednesday: 00:45 of cardio – 15 minutes each on the bike, elliptical and stairmaster. First time I’ve been on the elliptical in years. Also did planks and some hamstring exercises.

Thursday: 5.48 mi, 00:51, 09:23 pace. Hill repeats. As much of a “hill” as I can get to from my front door.

Friday: Rest. 

Saturday: 7.01 mi, 01:05, 09:15 pace. Long run for the week. Goal was to do miles 3-5 around 8:45 pace. Did them around 8:41-8:44 pace.

Sunday: 3.2 mi 00:34 10:42 pace. Was supposed to be a rest day, but it was 50 degrees out! Couldn’t resist doing a little recovery run. Plus I still had the missing second run from Tuesday hanging over my head, so this makes up for it, right? I wore old shoes and ran through the slush and puddles. Luckily I was able to get out between rain showers, so only my feet got wet.

Total miles: 23.5
Total time: 5hr, 29min

March snow Screen shot 2013-03-10 at 3.14.36 PM That's how I roll

Snowy Tuesday; New Bondi Bands: “It’s just a hill … get over it” and “Eat Hard Run Hard” 


  • I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this (at least, the specifics of it), but I have a personal PR goal for my May 5 half marathon … beat my time from 2010 by at least an hour. That was my first half marathon, and after pretty sub-par training and not knowing I needed a fueling strategy, I finished in 2:48. I’ve learned so much about running since then, and I want to prove it by crushing that time. 
  • So, to that end, I’m working with a “coach” … BFF Ultra Vera. She’s giving me a training plan two weeks at a time. So far I like it, because it’s a bit of a change from how I would normally run, so it’s keeping things interesting. And it’s nice to feel like I’m running with a purpose again. I say “coach” because she doesn’t have any coaching certifications, and I think she only coaches her own friends. But she has been running consistently for almost a decade, has qualified for Boston many times, finished at least two ultras (50K and 56 miler), has worked with a coach herself, constantly educates herself on running and training, and she’s a member of the B.A.A. So I figure she could teach me a thing or two.
  • I had some pain in my right knee (on the outside, which I think is connected to your ITB?) during the last couple intervals during Monday night’s speed work. But I’ve been making an effort to stretch, foam roll and use The Stick, and it hasn’t come back.
  • I didn’t post a training report last week because I was sick and only ran 9 miles. So there wasn’t much to post about.