Total Miles: 58.8
Total Races: 0

Lowest monthly miles since April 2011. First no-race month since August. 

Total Time Working Out: 17hr, 30min

Lowest since October 2011. 

Whatever. It’s winter, I don’t have a goal race until early May, I got sick, etc etc etc. They can’t all be banner months.

Brewery Tours: 1
Themed Parties Attended in Costume: 1
Musicals Seen: 1
Classical Concerts Attended: 1
Elites Met: 1
Days Spent Apart From My Husband: 15

Amtrak Chocolates Oscar Party

Screen shot 2013-02-23 at 6.12.13 PM Untitled Chicago marathon kick off

valentines day nails Untitled Breakfast number two #FatTuesday rainy run

Picking up my husband from Amtrak, Half-off Valentines candy, Oscars Party
CRB Beer Run, Broadway in Chicago, Meeting Dathan
Valentines nails, lots of snowy runs, Fat Tuesday, rainy runs too

Best February Searches:

  • how many people run hot chocolate 15k [too many]
  • do runners have a life outside running [not really]
  • bugs runner eat [it happens, I assume we mostly eat gnats]
  • sick of expensive marathon registration tired too expensive [I hear that]
  • and a few different searches that I assume led to this pic that I uploaded but I don’t think I ever used in a post:


February’s goal:

Stop wasting time. This is always a work in progress. I made this goal both to increase productivity and enjoyment of life.

Progress on 2013 goals:

Don’t spend more than $500 on races for 2013. I registered for the Quarryman 10. Last year’s “participants” were able to register for a deeply discounted price because last year’s race was cancelled the morning of. So now I have spent $338 on races for 2013.

Finish my first relay race and my first trail race in one piece. We had our first official Ragnar Team Meeting. We finally agreed on a name/theme, we’ve assigned our legs and our packing list, and we are starting to reach out to sponsors.

Run 1,300 miles for the year. tells me that I am 70.3 miles behind my pace bunny. Oops.

Weekly strength workouts. I did four total, but they were all in the first half of the month.

Move out of my parents house. Still focused on cutting spending and paying down debt. I was able to switch our auto insurance and cut our monthly payments in half while keeping the same level of coverage. However, we didn’t do so well on tracking our spending. But, we did have a mini-windfall, and made a significant payment on a credit card instead of doing something fun. Although our anniversary is next month (6 years? When did that happen??) and we’ve tossed around the idea of doing a cheap long weekend somewhere.

Read 12 books. I read Sarah’s Key. It was a good book, very engrossing, but a very sad story.

March’s goal:

Take Olive to the vet. I have a confession. I am a terrible pet owner. I don’t take Olive in for regular check-ups.