2013 Oscars!

Once again, my brother and sis-in-law hosted an Oscar-viewing party. I don’t even know how many years they/she’s been doing this; I’m pretty sure she started doing it before they got married, so my guess is this was our seventh year. So it’s become quite a tradition. The first couple years, we would dress in our “red carpet finest” which ended up being old bridesmaid dresses. Now, some of us dress as characters from nominated movies. And they deck out the house as well.

Oscar Party 

From Les Mis – my niece was Cosette and I was Enjolras (aka “the hot guy”).

Oscar Party

My dad enjoys Civil War history and is a bit of a Lincoln buff. So this was no surprise. Also this is not the first time they have dressed as Abe and Mary Todd Lincoln.

Screen shot 2013-02-25 at 1.20.59 PM

And we had quite a spread of food. My contribution was bacon-wrapped dates. [Recipe forthcoming, oh wait, that’s the recipe.] I love to dip them in the chocolate fountain. Not pictured: lots of champagne and the growler of Alpenglow.

Before the show starts, we always play the “who am I?” game. Each guest gets the name of a celebrity stuck on their back, and has to ask yes-or-no questions to figure out who they are. I was Alan Arkin, so [once I figured out who I was] I spent the rest of the night telling everyone to “Argo f*** yourself.” Sorry. That was the best line of the movie.

During the telecast, we play “Oscar Bingo” in which we all have a bingo-style grid with various actions written on them, such as “Joke fails” “Winner walks wrong way off the stage” “Presenter fumbles with the envelope” “Winner gets cut off by music” etc. Did you know hardly any of the winners thank God? This is at least the second year in a row that square went uncrossed.

The real competition comes with the ballots. We all fill out a ballot before the start, guessing who will win in each category and whoever gets the most correct gets a prize. I’ve been the reigning champion of this game for a few years running, but my reign is over. I got 12 correct, but my dad got 19 correct. My mom even killed it with 18 correct (I think). So bravo, mom and dad. Hope you enjoy your champagne fountain. (Just kidding, they left it behind so my sis-in-law could keep  it.)

As for my thoughts on this year’s telecast…

The host. I wasn’t looking forward to Seth MacFarlane. I am not a fan of Family Guy, although I did like Ted. I was pleasantly surprised by his performance – I was worried the show would feel like a really long episode of Family Guy. Although he is not getting very stellar reviews, so maybe I just set the bar really low.

The jokes. I know the “We Saw Your Boobs” song isn’t going over well. I thought it was funny, however, I wish they would have taken it a step further and included a verse for “We Saw Your Wang” which would have been noticeably shorter, and thus be a comedic commentary on the fact that it is so common for female nudity in movies, but not male nudity. Sadly, I think it was just meant to be a crude joke, and nothing more.

The awards. While I love Christoph Waltz (I’ll leave it there as my true feelings may be borderline inappropriate), and I thought his Oscar for best supporting actor was so well deserved, I was shocked Tommy Lee Jones didn’t win. And I was shocked both that Quentin Tarantino won, and that he gave such an awesome acceptance speech.


The dresses. Why did Anne Hathaway wear a nipple dress? Was that a dig at the upskirt shot?

Screen shot 2013-02-25 at 4.49.30 PM

I think I was the only one in the room who liked Amanda Seyfried’s dress during the tribute to musicals. I dug the built-in choker and tulle skirt, and the fact that it was a bold color.

Screen shot 2013-02-25 at 4.53.19 PM

Personally, I think Jessica Chastain was best dressed, and I’m not just saying that because she’s a redhead, and because I have worn a similar colored dress twice in my life. OK, maybe I’m lying. Those are exactly the reasons I loved her look. And that was a gorgeous dress. Plus I think she plays some great roles, so I have a lot of respect for her. Plus this was such an improvement over her look at the Golden Globes.

Screen shot 2013-02-25 at 5.38.59 PM Screen shot 2013-02-25 at 5.38.45 PM

I also loved:

Screen shot 2013-02-25 at 5.49.48 PM Screen shot 2013-02-25 at 5.55.06 PM Screen shot 2013-02-25 at 5.55.45 PM Screen shot 2013-02-25 at 5.56.13 PM

Naomi Watts, Olivia Munn, Samantha Barks, Stacy Keibler

And what was with the talons on Adele and Babs? Are we doing that now? Because I pass. They both gave some great performances though.

Screen shot 2013-02-25 at 4.56.17 PM Screen shot 2013-02-25 at 4.56.26 PM

How do you watch the Oscars? What did you think of Seth MacFarlane? Who did you think was best dressed? Worst dressed? 

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22 Comments on “2013 Oscars!”

  1. Best dressed – Amy Adams, Jennifer Garner, Kerry Washington.
    Worst dressed – Halle Berry, Anne Hathaway, Hugh Jackman’s wife (a tuxedo? with 80s hair? really???)

    Did you notice that when Jennifer Lawrence fell up the stairs, that the guy who ran over to help her was none other than Hugh Jackman? I died. So handsome AND a gentleman? *swoon*

    My favorite speech was the other producer of Argo making a point to tell everyone what an awesome DIRECTOR Ben Affleck is. Haha.

    1. I loved the front of the Jennifer Garner’s dress and the color but the back was really odd from certain angles.

      Yes! I noticed that was Hugh Jackman! I wish he had hosted again!! And I still can’t believe Jennifer Lawrence is only 22.

      And I loved all the digs at Affleck’s snub for best director; he had a good one during his speech for best picture. I forgot was he said exactly, but I was like “burn!!!”

  2. Macfarlane, not land. 🙂

    I’m finding most of the backlash silly. Every couple years AMPAS decides they need “edge” and gets someone “edgy” to do whatever it is they are known for an inevitably…that person its skwewered. Letterman, Rock, Stewart…its consistent. I think Seth was pretty restrained and any of the “controversial” material was clearly vetted in advance and it made for a fun broadcast. The dude is charming as hell, even if he’s smug and the Sound of Music reference was one of the funniest things in awhile.

    Then again, I was tanked.

  3. I loved Jennifer Lawrence’s dress- even though it was clearly dangerous and I thought Jennifer Aniston looked amazing as well. And Huge Jackman is so hot. OMG…

  4. Here’s my question – who keeps giving these amazing dresses to Kristin Stewart? The dress was breathtaking, but she still looked like she just rolled out of bed and couldn’t be bothered to smile. She limped up to the mic with her bedhead mess and did not do anything for the designer.

  5. Yay for the recap! You guys are so fun! I love your outfit. Who did everyone else go as? What did Olive go as?!?!?!? The Tiger from Life of Pi? (or whatever it is called)

    YUMMY SPREAD!!!! I thought after that veggie burger on Sat you would make that for the party! No! JK!

    I am TOTES in the same Seth MacFarlane boat as you! UGH. Family Guy makes my skin crawl. Ted was tolerable. I only saw the start of the Oscars (totally passed out last night) and missed a lot of the dramaz, like Jennifer’s Lawrence’s fall and the awful acceptance speeches. The dresses though! I liked almost everyone except Halle’s!

    I hope I can come to the party next year. Hee hee hee.

    1. Sadly, other than me, my niece, and my parents, no one dressed up! Well, one friend dressed up in “red carpet finery” but no other costumes! I told my sis-in-law we need to do a Best Dressed award to encourage dressing up.

      I have made veggie burgers before … actually black bean burgers. They were delicious! This was before pinterest, so I have no idea where the recipe is. Maybe in our binder of recipes. (Low-tech Pinterest.)

      And you should totally come to the party next year!! The more, the merrier!

  6. When you said Oscars Party, I was thinking a few snacks and a pizza or something. You guys really go all out! I really love the bingo idea. And bacon-wrapped dates WITH chocolate? I love bacon-wrapped dates and I love chocolate covered bacon. How have I never thought to marry the two?

  7. As I had a 6am flight on Monday morning (aka, I had to leave the house by 4am), I completely missed the Oscars. Now, I’m going to be digging to find all the dresses. This sounds like a really fun way to watch the event. I’m not into the award shows as I find most of them pretty boring so this sounds like a fun way to spice it up!

  8. That party looks amazing! I actually preferred the dress Anne Hathaway wore with the cast of Les Mis, so i can’t understand why the nipple dress even had to exist…I really like Seth McFarlane’s radio voice, but not much else sadly.

  9. Hahaha Enjolras was totally the “hot guy” for me in Les Mis 🙂 I actually really liked Seth’s hosting job…I found it entertaining and funny. Although I do have a vulgar sense of humor so I guess I can understand the not-so-stellar reviews. I also thought the front of Anne’s dress was weird and slightly unflattering…I really don’t understand why people ever wear those nipple dresses. But the back of Anne’s dress was stunning!

  10. What a fun party! So cool you dressed up. That food spread looked AMAZING!!!! Alas, I watched some of the red carpet stuff to see dresses and was all WTF Anne Hathaway… anyways, Im fairly certain i didnt see a single movie that was nominated so I quickly turned the channel to something else when the show actually came on.

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