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On Thursday, I attempted my very first double. I used to work doubles when I was a waitress (and those were about as fun as you can imagine), and I’ve done two work outs in one day before (usually yoga + running or pilates + running or spinning + strength), but today was the first time I ran twice.

I had multiple reasons for the double:

  • I’m doing Ragnar in June and want to get used to running and then running again 6+ hours later. 
  • I want to up my weekly mileage as I train for my next goal race.
  • The forecast called for snow on Thursday night, so in the off chance it came early and we called off our group run, I wanted to already have a few miles done.
  • I love my Thursday night group runs, but I work from home on Thursdays, and it feels weird not taking advantage of being able to run when it’s still daylight and a few degrees warmer.

Run #1 happend around lunchtime. I just wanted to do 3 miles at an “easy” pace. On Tuesday night, I ran 4 miles and aimed for “half marathon effort.” My pace was 8:49. Today I aimed for 3 miles easy and my pace was 8:48. However, it was 16 degrees out with 17 mph winds on Tuesday, compared to 30 degrees and 8 mph winds today.

Run #2 was my group run at 6:30. We usually do 4 miles, and I figured I would just go at the group’s pace, or run with whoever needed a buddy. I ended up doing a 9:57 pace. I wore a festive Bondi Band, given the forecast.

Screen shot 2013-02-21 at 9.22.22 PM Untitled

Stellar group pic. I think I’m in the bottom left.  

Overall, I felt good. I could tell my legs were a little bit tired during run #2, but it wasn’t bad at all. I definitely want to work up to weekly doubles, maybe even with a run the following morning. My legs for Ragnar are 8, 8.1 and 5.8 miles. (We’re doing a 9-person team, so some of our legs are doubled-up.)

Do you ever run twice in one day? Have any tips?

Also, I have a couple Ragnar veterans on my team and they’ve been offering up lots of advice already, but if you’ve done a relay, do you have any advice?

And if I have to do any of my legs in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere, will you drive out and run with me????? Pretty please??? I didn’t pee on myself during the marathon, but I’m pretty sure I might pee on myself if I’m running alone in the middle of the night in a forest preserve. There has to be someone out there who makes running shorts you pee in … who are they and will they sponsor us?

Wow this post really took a nosedive. 

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23 Comments on “Running Double”

  1. Heh! I think stopping to squat in the middle of the night in a forest preserve would be preferable to peeing on yourself. Even if you lose a couple minutes. Maybe you should just start practicing peeing really fast! Time your runs and time your pees.

    I did a few double runs last week (um, then I got bronchitis and sinusitis, so you might not wanna take my advice!) and it wasn’t too bad. My toughest day was a 5.5 (@ 8:55) and a 4.5 (@ 9:30). Both were slower than average. For me, I think being extra vigilant about stretching and icing is key, and letting one run be an easy one. And not having a beer after the first run.

          1. When I run at night, i just try to have an expression on my face like I am batshit crazy. Like, you don’t know WHAT I’m capable of. So far, it’s worked.

  2. Running in the middle of the night for Ragnar is a little odd. I had one night leg with no one around and just trees off to the left. It goes by quickly though! Just try to enjoy it!

  3. I think it’s easier running twice a day than doing one long run. If I know I will be running again the same day, I tend to take it easier on my first run. Those shorts would be good for ultra marathons that don’t have porta-potties!

  4. I love doubles! I had one on Tuesday and have another on Sunday. And kind of one on Saturday. LOL 🙂 Only tip is to make sure you eat enough to fuel for them 🙂

    I am curious to hear about your Ragnar sponsors!

  5. Doubles are supposed to be great for training yourself to run on tired legs. I’ve done it a few times but plan to incorporate more regular doubles in my training for Chicago. It’s hard enough getting outside to run now and I give you credit for doing it twice in the winter!

  6. I love doubles! I run doubles often on my speed days to get more miles in. So I run about 3-4 miles in the AM then run 8+ miles in the evening with about 4miles of that for speedwork. I have found that my legs feel fresher and I feel stronger in my speedwork.

  7. I did some double runs leading up to Ragnar last year and I’ll do them occasionaly if I have time/motivation. I feel extra accomplished when that happens!

    Ragnar advice – you won’t need to bring much food. We had so many people bring snacks and treats and we ate hardly any of it. The stops at restaurants between legs was when we did our real eating. We just overpacked in general. You wont need 90% of the stuff you bring – but you WILL use almost all the baby wipes. Those were our best friend!

    Also – Bondi Bands make great eyemasks!

    1. That’s what our team captain was saying (she ran on an ultra team last year). Don’t bring tons of snacky food – you will need real food. But pack as if places will be closed between legs, since we don’t know when/where we’ll be able to stop and eat.

      Great tip on the Bondi Bands! I have a few of those.

  8. Oh and about the night running – one of my teammates generously ran my night leg with me because I am terrified of being outside alone in the dark. I would have lost it otherwise!

  9. One of my friends swam NCAA and she suggested glutamine supplements for faster recovery when you’re doing 2 a days. I think it helps. When I ran Ragnar last fall I made it a point to follow all the good habits that I sometimes do. I’m a vega fan so I used the pre- and post- drinks (which I rarely use otherwise) and did a protein bar after. I felt fine even with an elevation change.

    As far as scared of the dark goes, me too! Swear to god when I was traveling for work I ran up to what looked like a set from the walking dead and kept looking for zombies… I haven’t tried them but there are these knuckle lights that are supposed to be great for night visibility. I haven’t tried them but they were recommended to me when I was looking for night gear. The main complaint I saw on the Internet was the LEDs have trouble in cold weather.

  10. I didn’t think running at night during Ragnar was too bad. I think I started around 11 pm but the moon was fairly full so it gave off a lot of light. I could always see someone in front of me and had a few people pass me.
    I did smell a skunk on that run though. I really hope you don’t encounter one of those.

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