On Thursday, I attempted my very first double. I used to work doubles when I was a waitress (and those were about as fun as you can imagine), and I’ve done two work outs in one day before (usually yoga + running or pilates + running or spinning + strength), but today was the first time I ran twice.

I had multiple reasons for the double:

  • I’m doing Ragnar in June and want to get used to running and then running again 6+ hours later. 
  • I want to up my weekly mileage as I train for my next goal race.
  • The forecast called for snow on Thursday night, so in the off chance it came early and we called off our group run, I wanted to already have a few miles done.
  • I love my Thursday night group runs, but I work from home on Thursdays, and it feels weird not taking advantage of being able to run when it’s still daylight and a few degrees warmer.

Run #1 happend around lunchtime. I just wanted to do 3 miles at an “easy” pace. On Tuesday night, I ran 4 miles and aimed for “half marathon effort.” My pace was 8:49. Today I aimed for 3 miles easy and my pace was 8:48. However, it was 16 degrees out with 17 mph winds on Tuesday, compared to 30 degrees and 8 mph winds today.

Run #2 was my group run at 6:30. We usually do 4 miles, and I figured I would just go at the group’s pace, or run with whoever needed a buddy. I ended up doing a 9:57 pace. I wore a festive Bondi Band, given the forecast.

Screen shot 2013-02-21 at 9.22.22 PM Untitled

Stellar group pic. I think I’m in the bottom left.  

Overall, I felt good. I could tell my legs were a little bit tired during run #2, but it wasn’t bad at all. I definitely want to work up to weekly doubles, maybe even with a run the following morning. My legs for Ragnar are 8, 8.1 and 5.8 miles. (We’re doing a 9-person team, so some of our legs are doubled-up.)

Do you ever run twice in one day? Have any tips?

Also, I have a couple Ragnar veterans on my team and they’ve been offering up lots of advice already, but if you’ve done a relay, do you have any advice?

And if I have to do any of my legs in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere, will you drive out and run with me????? Pretty please??? I didn’t pee on myself during the marathon, but I’m pretty sure I might pee on myself if I’m running alone in the middle of the night in a forest preserve. There has to be someone out there who makes running shorts you pee in … who are they and will they sponsor us?

Wow this post really took a nosedive.