WIAFT: What I Ate On Fat Tuesday

I think Fat Tuesday is my favorite religious holiday. Which is probably why I’m not religious anymore.

Breakfast number two #FatTuesday

My boss brought in paczkis. 18 of them. For the 6 of us who were in the office today. I chased my usual breakfast of oatmeal with half of a strawberry and half of a custard. I hope there are some left tomorrow because nothing says Ash Wednesday like Fat Tuesday treats …

Five Guys Cheeseburger and Fries

Lunch was a “Little Hamburger” from Five Guys. (This was not my burger, I didn’t take a picture of if because my co-workers already think I’m weird enough, this picture is someone else’s from Flickr.) I feel like “little” is deceiving. I think what they mean is “single patty.” The regular burgers are two patties. But I do get mine with everything on it, because, well, otherwise, you’re doing it wrong. They are professionals. They know what they are doing. Get everything.

Dinner was leftover chili, not pictured, because I’m a lazy blogger. I ate it immediately after I ran and got chili on my running tights because I don’t know how to feed myself. And I had to run tonight, to test if paczkis are good for carbo-loading. I’m getting my training tips from I Heart Pikermis. Verdict: yeah, sure, whatever, they taste good, go for it. I doubt any elites read my blog so does it really make a difference?

Dessert was some leftover Christmas candy in the freezer … what we affectionately call “deer turds” – chocolate covered peanuts. Again, not pictured because I want you to use your imagination.

What did you eat for Fat Tuesday? I hope it was good.

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24 Comments on “WIAFT: What I Ate On Fat Tuesday”

    1. It’s a Polish thing, but there is a very large Polish population in Chicago … and I’ll take any excuse to eat donuts. The large Polish population is also why we also observe Casimir Pulaski Day. (First Monday in March.)

  1. I had 1.5 paczkis, Chinese food for lunch and McDonald’s for dinner. Seriously.

    All I wanted on fat day was McDonald’s fries. I knew it was meant to be when I got a Hello Kitty toy with my meal. 🙂

  2. Definitely a Chicago/Polish thing when celebrating Fat Tuesday/ Pancake Tuesday!

    OMG – Lent starts tomorrow. Sign of a good catholic: Recognizing this approximately 10 hours after eating the paczkis! What should I be giving up for Lent? (would it be horrible to say the pope! please don’t ban me from your blog!)

  3. I sort of forgot about Fat Tuesday, so I didn’t eat any differently than I normally would. Shoot, that was my chance!

    And we had paczkis in my hometown back in Ohio, that has a huge Polish population, so it’s definitely a Polish thing!

  4. I am so jealous. I’m living in Iowa right now. Polish population = 1 (yours truly) so Pączki is nowhere to be found. My dad usually freezes some for me but it’s never the same

  5. Yummm! I haven’t had a donut in forever and I have never had paczkis but they look yummy! I ate normally yesterday but I have been indulging in ice cream since last week. So its been a Fat week instead of just a day!

    1. I’ve always lucked out with someone else bringing in the paczkis. However, a couple years ago, no one brought them in. It was depressing. I ended up picking up some from the local grocery store at lunch. They were still good.

  6. I LOVE PACZKIS. I can’t believe there are people who didn’t know what they were! (My bf is one of them, but he’s from Michigan, so he has an excuse.)

    After my run last night, I basically just ate junk food. And drank 2 beers. And told myself that everything was okay, because it was Fat Tuesday, and you’re supposed to do stuff like that.

    1. I feel like I kind of eat this way every day of the year (well, not EVERY day, but definitely more than just once), but I feel dignified in doing it on Fat Tuesday.

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