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This past Christmas, Vera gave our friend Scott and me a very generous gift – tickets to see The Book of Mormon during it’s run with Broadway in Chicago. Last night was the big night! (Vera lives in Boston which is why she didn’t join us.)

Scott and I started with dinner at One North, and because it’s restaurant week in Chicago, we were able to have a fabulous dinner at a great price. I’m not a foodie, so my review is short: Service was great and the food and drinks were delicious.

me_onenorth Untitled

Of course we had to chuckle at Scott’s coat check number. 30 going on 13 … 

The show was at the Bank of America Theater (formerly known as The Schubert Theater). Our seats were up high, but we had a great view of the whole theater 🙂 Definitely not the first time I’ve sat this high at a Chicago venue. Actually (and I had to look this up), when I saw Tick Tick … BOOM in 2003 (also with Scott), our seats were probably in the same row, just on the other side of the balcony.


The Book of Mormon was hilarious. No question that it’s for adult audiences only. It’s written by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, so the same type of over-the-top crude humor of South Park … well more so Team America: World Police, since I don’t think they can drop the f-bomb on Comedy Central. In addition to the hilarity of the writing, the performances, dancing and singing were all fantastic. I particularly enjoyed Ben Platt as Elder Cunningham.

As we were leaving the theater, I noticed it was not the “typical” theater crowd. Normally I feel like I’m among the youngest there, this was not the case last night.

I’m not a theater critic, so if you’d like to read an actual review from someone who knows what they are talking about: Chicago Tribune (longer), Chicago Reader (shorter).

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  1. Saw it and loved it! Well worth the spendy ticket price. My friend saw it and got a ‘bonus joke’ when the woman half of an older couple using hearing assisted devices turned to her husband and said, “Did they just say hair-pie?”

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