Training, Jan 28 – Feb 3

Monday: 4mi in 39 minutes, 9:30 pace. Ran in capris and arm warmers.

Tuesday: Rest. Had other business to attend to.

Wednesday: Rest. Dinner with a friend.

Thursday: Spin class, 45min, ran 1 mi on the indoor track (~9min), did some weights (arms). Does this count as a brick workout?

Friday: Pilates Bootcamp, 45min

Saturday: Ballet Fit, 1 hr, Ballet class 1.5 hr

Sunday: 6.44mi in 1:14, 11:28 pace. Snowy run. Stopped to take pictures.

Total miles: 11.44
Total time: 6hr, 12min


Sunday. The pic in the upper left an ice “waterfall” under a train overpass. 


  • I need to remember to wear compression socks/sleeves after ballet class. My calves are always tight/sore the following day, I assume from all the relevés. (Basically springing up on your toes … something you do quite frequently in ballet.) 
  • If I want to, I can participate in the dance studio’s recital in June … however, I’ll be a little bit busy in the day or so leading up to it and will probably have zero energy left by Saturday night. I’m still going to learn the choreography. I’m a little bummed though, my sis-in-law is planning a whole “circus” theme with all of her pieces, so it should all be really cute.
  • I tried out a new (to me) spin instructor at my gym and she’s awesome. She had us do something different during each song, which kept it interesting, plus it was a good workout. I’ve taken class with boring instructors before. (#FWP)
  • Once again, during today’s run, I warmed up and then got cold around mile four. Argh. The temps were around 20, feels like in the single digits, so maybe instead of two lined soft layers, I should have worn just one plus a jacket instead? My head also gets cold so maybe instead of cheap fleece hats (sorry Old Navy), I should wear one of my “performance” hats.
  • My husband is gone for two weeks for his annual Navy training. Let’s compare our Sundays …


It is taking a lot of willpower to not throw our budget out the window and book a flight to join him for a last-minute (desperately needed) long weekend. That’s all I’d have to pay for – airfare – because he has a room to himself in the lodge on base. I’m trying to tell myself to save the money now because later in the year I’m going to want to book a week in Michigan for this race. (Actually I should probably look into booking that now.) And even that is stretching our budget.

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6 Comments on “Training, Jan 28 – Feb 3”

  1. A great spin instructor makes all of the difference for me. I found one that I really liked in the summer, but now she only teaches at 5:15am!! Obviously, I don’t spin often anymore…

    1. We used to have a really great spin instructor, but for some reason he stopped teaching his usual class, and his replacement was a bit boring. He’s still at the gym though, doing personal training and the Pilates Bootcamp class that I like.

  2. I’d suggest not planning on the ballet recital if it’s the Saturday evening you finish Ragnar. After I finished Ragnar in 2012, my teammates & I chilled at Montrose Beach. Once I left (it took a while to get out of there given the traffic!) & got home, showered, etc I passed out and slept all night — from about 7:30 or 8 PM onward!

    I sympathize with your vacation conundrum! Perhaps you should plan for it next year? Plan for that trip into your budget? And do some fun staycation activity now while your hubbie is out of town?

    1. Yeah, I’m pretty sure I’m not going to want to do much of anything, although I would at least like to attend the show if I can make it.

      I think we might hold off for now and maybe do a long weekend somewhere nearish for our anniversary in April. Although I think my husband is sad … I mentioned looking into ticket prices for this weekend and I think I got him excited.

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