Monday: 4mi in 39 minutes, 9:30 pace. Ran in capris and arm warmers.

Tuesday: Rest. Had other business to attend to.

Wednesday: Rest. Dinner with a friend.

Thursday: Spin class, 45min, ran 1 mi on the indoor track (~9min), did some weights (arms). Does this count as a brick workout?

Friday: Pilates Bootcamp, 45min

Saturday: Ballet Fit, 1 hr, Ballet class 1.5 hr

Sunday: 6.44mi in 1:14, 11:28 pace. Snowy run. Stopped to take pictures.

Total miles: 11.44
Total time: 6hr, 12min


Sunday. The pic in the upper left an ice “waterfall” under a train overpass. 


  • I need to remember to wear compression socks/sleeves after ballet class. My calves are always tight/sore the following day, I assume from all the relevés. (Basically springing up on your toes … something you do quite frequently in ballet.) 
  • If I want to, I can participate in the dance studio’s recital in June … however, I’ll be a little bit busy in the day or so leading up to it and will probably have zero energy left by Saturday night. I’m still going to learn the choreography. I’m a little bummed though, my sis-in-law is planning a whole “circus” theme with all of her pieces, so it should all be really cute.
  • I tried out a new (to me) spin instructor at my gym and she’s awesome. She had us do something different during each song, which kept it interesting, plus it was a good workout. I’ve taken class with boring instructors before. (#FWP)
  • Once again, during today’s run, I warmed up and then got cold around mile four. Argh. The temps were around 20, feels like in the single digits, so maybe instead of two lined soft layers, I should have worn just one plus a jacket instead? My head also gets cold so maybe instead of cheap fleece hats (sorry Old Navy), I should wear one of my “performance” hats.
  • My husband is gone for two weeks for his annual Navy training. Let’s compare our Sundays …


It is taking a lot of willpower to not throw our budget out the window and book a flight to join him for a last-minute (desperately needed) long weekend. That’s all I’d have to pay for – airfare – because he has a room to himself in the lodge on base. I’m trying to tell myself to save the money now because later in the year I’m going to want to book a week in Michigan for this race. (Actually I should probably look into booking that now.) And even that is stretching our budget.