Training, Jan 14-20

Monday: Rest. I think I had a case of the Mondays. Literally. I felt like I was getting sick. But then it passed.

Tuesday: 6.16mi in 54min, 8:40 pace. Tempo run. Miles 2-5 were average 8:10 pace. Although each split was slower than the one previous, kind of a tempo fail.

Wednesday: Rest. And by rest, I mean I met a college friend for dinner near campus. (She is in grad school.)

Thursday: 1 hour of core/weights/etc at the gym; 4mi in 37 minutes, 9:13 pace – group run.

Friday: 8mi in 1:17, 9:36 pace. My “long” run for the week.

Saturday: Ballet Fit (1hr) and Ballet class (1.5hr).

Sunday: 3.1mi in 22:48, 7:21 pace. Midwinter Cruise 5K.

Total miles: 21
Total time: 6hr, 40min

FNRC_011713 Midwinter Cruise 5K

Thursday group run; Finishing Sunday’s 5K



  • After the F^3 Half on Saturday, I’m taking a break. Sort of. Not really. Basically, I’m just doing whatever I want. If I want to run, I’ll run. If I don’t, I’ll do something else. And if I want to rest, I’ll rest. I’m not going to over think it. My usual weekly plan (whether I’m training or not) is to do one speed workout, one long run, one strength workout, and the rest easy or cross training, with the goal of hitting at least 20 miles per week. Now it’s just do what I feel like. (But do something.) My next goal race is May 5, so I have time to kind of recharge. But I’ll be honest, running right now is hard – more mentally hard than physically. I don’t know if it’s the cold, or the shorter days, or getting bored running the same route around my neighborhood, or what. Probably a combo of all of the above. But I’m not going to think “training plan” or “I should do this” until March 1.  
  • That being said, I’m pretty tempted to not run at all until this Saturday’s half. But I like my Thursday night group, so I’ll go to that. Might be the only run I do between last Sunday’s 5K and this Saturday’s half. I think I’ll be fine.
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  1. It’s good to have some non-goal oriented running now and again. Enjoy your “recharging time.” I may not run the F3 on Saturday. I am about 30% right now. I will decide tomorrow.

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