Breaking Habits

To save money, I’ve been bringing my lunch to work for the past month and a half. It started with the goal of bringing my lunch every day during December, and it became habit. So I continued it into January. Prior to this goal, I was buying lunch every day that I was in the office. I was easily spending close to $100/month this way.

Yesterday, I got lazy. I didn’t bring my lunch. I went for my old standby – a chicken fajita burrito bowl from Chipotle.

chipotle chipotle

Recycled pictures

Maybe it was because it didn’t have cheese* this time, but the burrito bowl was good but not the OMG GOOD that I remember.

* Right now I’m avoiding all dairy to see if it has an effect on my complexion. Hence the no cheese. I need to get some non-dairy cheese.

And it was a lot of food.  (Maybe because I didn’t ask for easy rice, so it was more rice than I was used to.)

Today, it was back to my usual black bag (the color of my insulated lunch bag) lunch. Tuna salad sandwich and an orange.

And I wasn’t even sad that I wasn’t eating Chipotle. Or Five Guys. Or Potbelly. Or Noodles & Co. Or any of the carry out places around here.

Even though Chipotle is literally outside my window and I see their sign every time I walk into my office. Mocking me.

Chipotle literally mocks me everyday

It’s funny how your perspective changes when you force yourself to change habits. I used to drink Diet Coke all the time, during college and then my first few years in the working world. A few years ago, I stopped. I don’t remember why. It might have been one of the years I gave up all “junk” for Lent, or maybe I just wanted to avoid “diet” food. Anyway, now when I drink diet pop, it tastes so gross to me. I’d rather have regular pop … but really I’d rather have seltzer + juice or iced tea. But once upon a time, I thought Diet Coke tasted good.

I used to fall off the fitness bandwagon really easily. I’d go to the gym a few times a week for a few weeks, then skip a day, lose momentum, and eventually stop altogether. I think that’s one of the forces that makes me stick to regularly running and working out. I know how easily I’ve lost momentum in the past. I’m worried if I skip more than a couple days (that aren’t legitimately necessary rest days), I’ll fall off the wagon altogether. I’ve been working out so consistently for the past two years that it feels weird to get home from work and not workout in some way. But two days of coming home not doing anything? It starts to feel good.

What are some habits that you’ve forced yourself to break or adopt? 

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11 Comments on “Breaking Habits”

  1. How is the dairy-free diet going re: complexion? Good luck with the non-dairy cheese! The cheddar teese is the only kind I have tried and liked.

    I do have a habit of working out most days of the week. I started logging my weeks of training 170 weeks ago… which is why my weekly posts are numbered the way they are. I worked out before that but it documenting it helps!

    I am trying to break my overeating habit 🙂

    Thanks for the link!

    1. I would also like more details on the cheese-less existence. I love cheese, but my face is so broken out right now. I would send a picture, but it would break your screen.

      the main habit i changed was eating out of containers. I have a stupid bowl i put all my snacks in. Basically i am still eating garbage, but at least i know how much. And the bowl has my name on it, so thats cool

  2. I’m doing no dairy right now too, and I feel like it’s having a positive effect on my skin. But I also stopped sugar and gluten at the same time, so it’s hard to say which it is. Home lunches are the best!!

  3. The diet coke thing was something I had to break. I still enjoy one every once in a while, but every day was totally unnecessary.

    And I’ve almost always brought my lunch. I maybe go out for it once or twice a month? Yesterday was one of those times… forgot my lunch bag in the refrigerator. Went with subway bc a coworker had coupons. Meh.

  4. I was able to 95% break up with Diet Coke when I moved abroad because it doesn’t taste as good outside of America, but I still have it on occasion and savor every little bubbly sip. Right now I’m in the process of breaking up with Coffeemate. I finally found an all natural coffee creamer that I love and is dairy free. It’s been about 3 weeks and I don’t miss it.

  5. I am committed to bringing my lunch, I ALWAYS overeat when I don’t. Last year I got myself off the artificial sweeteners, this year I need to stop the laptop on lap while watching TV habit!

  6. I quit drinking caffeinated soda almost 10 years ago. I still have an occasional non-caffeinated one but I don’t miss caffeinated soda at all. I also got into the habit of bringing my lunch to work when I worked in a place that wasn’t all that close to any economical options. Right now, though, I need to break the habit of NEEDING to have dessert after dinner.

  7. Hmm I’m interested to hear about how your non-dairy diet goes. I struggle with skin issues as well, and I’ll be curious to see your results. I gave up soda (pop?) about a decade ago and haven’t looked back since. I find the taste to be pretty gross!

    The one habit I truly struggle with is nail-biting. I swear it passed down from my mom who is also a nail-biter to this day. I’ve tried everything but the success is always short-lived.

    As for bringing my lunch to work, it’s something that I do only when I’m not traveling. However, there are so many delicious food options in the city that I often end up eating out instead of eating my homemade lunch!

  8. I relate. For me, pretty much anything health or fitness-related is a momentum thing. Once I get started, it’s easy to keep going (whether on the right things or the not-so-right things), and once I stop, it’s easy to stay stopped.

    I always bring my lunch to work. But my weakness is the office candy jar. It’s a habit for me to grab a piece of chocolate any time I walk past it. I am trying to limit myself to just one piece of chocolate a day. But so far it hasn’t been going very well. LOL.

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