What Makes Me Awesome?

Sara posted this graphic the other day:

do what makes you awesome

Source – I need to buy this and hang it up. 

Sounds like good advice.

But what makes me awesome?

Seriously … what? (This is for me to answer, not you, I’m not fishing for compliments.)

I’ve been thinking about this for the past week or so. Along with some other deep thoughts/life ponderings. Maybe someday I’ll share. Today is not that day.

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9 Comments on “What Makes Me Awesome?”

  1. For the record, I could do an entire blog post (if I blogged) about what makes you awesome. Please let me know if you need any ideas

  2. You are awesome in ALL ways. It’s not about what makes you awesome, it’s that you just ARE awesome. =)

    I do love this picture, though. It reminds me of Nike and their inspiring mottos.

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