Monday: treadmill run – 3mi in 28min, 9:26 pace; rowing – 1.6km in 8:40. Yes, I ran on the treadmill. For the first time in probably a year. I wasn’t up for dodging ice patches in the dark. Even one of the best episodes of the Simpsons couldn’t save it.

Tuesday: 4.59mi in 43min, 9:23 pace. Enough ice had melted and I ran outside.

Wednesday: Pilates Yoga class, 1hr. Followed by beer and chocolate … I think I finally understand this “balance” thing healthy-living bloggers keep talking about, yes?

Thursday: Rest. Wine & painting at Bottle & Bottega for Erin’s birthday instead. It was a lot of fun!

Friday: 2.74mi in 32min, 11:30. I got a side stitch? Question mark because … why? I planned to do a tempo run but the stabbing pain in my left side wouldn’t quit.

Saturday: Ballet Fit 1hr, Ballet class 1.5hr. Making my triumphant return to being a ballerina, sort of.

Sunday: 10mi in 1:34, 9:22 pace. Ran with Kelly and Kate. It was icy again, so we kept running in the grass next to the path. But this weekend’s long run was far more enjoyable than last weekend’s solo run. Maybe I need to start dragging my butt out to early morning group runs again.

Total Miles: 21
Total Time: 6hr, 56min

Bottle and Bottega Bottle and Bottega

Ready to get artsy; Our finished masterpieces

Bottle & Bottega Kate Kelly Me

Starry Night against a not-so-starry night; After Sunday’s long run