Training, Dec 31 – Jan 6

Monday: 4mi in 36min, 9:05 pace. NYE group run with my club followed by a trail-side champagne toast. Great way to finish a great year!

Tuesday: New Year’s Day … let’s just call that a rest day.

Wednesday:  1mi in 7:00 flat and 10 minutes of planks and stuff. Last year, I ran one mile (with no warm up) as fast as I could on New Years Day. I was a day late this year, but I took 19 seconds off my time. I wanted to do a cool down mile but was too cold.

Thursday: 4mi in 39min, 9:37 pace. “Feels like” temp was 13 (and I was running at night) … but I still overdressed a little. Also I finally hit 500 miles in a pair of shoes! Congrats, Brooks Adrenaline 11s!

Friday: 7 mi in 1hr, 8:31 pace and 45 min of Bootcamp Pilates. Run was a tempo. Didn’t really hit my goal pace for tempo miles, but there were 20mph winds, so, I’ll blame that. Tempo pace averaged 8:13, goal was sub-8.

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: 11 mi in 1:48, 9:49 pace. This felt hard, harder than it should have for the pace I did. Although this is my first run over 10 miles in three months, and I know I tensed up a lot when I was running over icy spots (or I just slowed down to a walk). I asked on DailyMile, and a couple people agreed that running in the cold is harder for the body – even without breathing problems, your airway works harder to warm the air and even if you don’t have breathing problems, there can be some constriction.

Total miles: 27
Total time: 5hr, 5min

Screen shot 2013-01-07 at 9.03.13 PM Screen shot 2013-01-03 at 9.15.57 PM

Monday (NYE), Thursday


  • I really wanted my “New Years Annual Unofficial One Mile Time Trial” (Wednesday’s run) to be under 7:00. Technically I ran 1.01 miles and my mile split was 6:57, so I guess that counts. And I took off 18-19 seconds (why does the data from the same run upload differently to different sites?) from the previous year.
  • After Sunday’s long run felt harder than expected, I’m pretty sure my goal at the F^3 Half Marathon is not to PR. If the course is icy at all, my goal will be to just not faceplant.
  • I have a 5K the weekend before F^3, and like every 5K I do, I’m not going to aim for a PR, just run by heart rate and see what happens. But I do plan to push at 5K race effort, and I’ve been doing speedwork since my last 5K, so I feel like I should be able to PR. I don’t know if I’m going to do a long run that weekend. Maybe a longer run on Friday (8 miles?)
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4 Comments on “Training, Dec 31 – Jan 6”

  1. Yay for your technically sub-7:00 mile! Yay also for getting a pair of shoes to 500 miles! It’ll feel good when you retire that pair of shoes since you’ve truly gotten complete use out of them. No worries about the F^3 Half, you are going to do great. Just have fun with it, no matter the weather conditions!

    1. Thanks! I think I should just focus on having fun! The race includes a post-race party in Wrigleyville, and I want to be able to actually enjoy it! So I don’t want to be too wiped from the race, haha.

  2. Do you think you will redo the mile time trial? Or not until next year?

    At this rate, it doesn’t seem you will have ice at F^3! I cannot believe this crazytown weather.

    1. I kind of like keeping this time trial as an annual thing. But I bet if I moved it to early spring (maybe April1) or mid fall (Nov 1), I could pull off a better time.

      Also, I kind of want to try racing distances shorter than 5K. There aren’t that many. I did find one 5K & 1 mile race sort of nearby in the spring, and you can register for both distances. I just don’t want to later discover the 1 mile is actually a kids fun run …

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