Today I had a little bit of a Do All The Things kind of day. Lately I’ve been feeling kind of  … uninspired by myself (that’s a nice way of saying that outside of work and running, I’ve been feeling lazy), so I decided to something with my Sunday.

Shortly after waking up, I got started making lunch – slow cooker chicken enchilada soup.

chicken enchilada soup chicken enchilada soup

Once that was slow cooking, I made myself breakfast – the same thing I’ve had for breakfast almost every morning for the past few months – oatmeal. I often get in a breakfast rut where I’ll go months eating the same exact thing. Right now, it is oatmeal with brown sugar, peanut butter, chopped walnuts and dried cranberries. In case you care. Which, if you’re a woman in your 20s-30s, the internet has led me to believe that you really care about my oatmeal.

oatmeal oatmeal

After I fed myself, I finally fed my cat. She needs to be reminded of the pecking order around here.


Recycled picture, but I can’t mention my cat on this blog without posting a picture. It’s one of the rules for being a Crazy Cat Lady. 

I waited around for breakfast to settle, then went for an 11-mile run. Which was harder than I thought it would be, but I blame all the extra energy I exerted trying not to faceplant on the icy patches.

By the time I got home and took a shower, the soup was ready. #Winning

chicken enchilada soup chicken enchilada soup

Paired with A Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’, an American Pale Wheat Ale from Lagunitas. Not because I was trying to do some fancy food and beer pairing, but because it’s what I had chilling in the garage. 

The enchilada soup was good. (But isn’t everything after 11 miles? I ate another bowl later on, and yup, good.)

But you know I didn’t eat just soup after running 11 miles:

beef sandwich

My mom made Italian beef for sandwiches yesterday. I think all she did was brown a beef roast and stick it in the slow cooker with a jar of giardiniera. Maybe she added water to it, I have no idea. Once the meat was done cooking, she removed it, shredded it, and stuck it back in the slow cooker. Delicious.

But the productivity didn’t end there … I decided to bake. I had the urge to make bread (because we have a KitchenAid and therefore it’s pretty easy), but we were not in need of regular bread. So I made soft pretzels instead. Including a couple “pretzel buns” for sandwiches.

homemade soft pretzels homemade soft pretzels

Pulling these out of the oven made me feel like the most amazing cook ever. (Yes, making carnival food makes me feel amazing.) I kept these plain, but next time I might get creative with various sweet and savory toppings. Also, side note,  you can still use yeast that you found in your fridge that expired over two years ago.

Have you come across any good slow cooker recipes lately? Any good bread recipes? What should I top the pretzels with if I make them again?