I started making yearly goals (mostly focused on running) back in 2010, when I signed up for my first half marathon. It helps me to focus on what I want to achieve in the upcoming year, and frankly I like being able to check things off a list, even if it’s virtual.

new years eve new years eve

sparklers in the snow new years eve

These pictures are old, but I needed something to go with this post.


Running goals:

Don’t spend more than $500 on races for 2013.
Really, I should keep this number even lower, and if I can, awesome. This year’s race schedule will focus on quality, not quantity. Quality races and quality performances.

Get better at racing longer distances.
I feel like I’ve figured out how to “race” shorter distances (up to 10K). But I’m still working on “leaving it all on the course” for half marathons, and I do not feel like I left it all out there during the marathon. (But that wasn’t my goal.)

Finish my first relay race and my first trail race in one piece.
I’m already registered for Ragnar – Madison to Chicago and the North Country trail half marathon. I’ll be honest, I’m still wrapping my brain around both races. If I can just finish without a) peeing on myself during Ragnar if I have to run alone in the dark in a secluded/deserted place and b) needing medical attention during the trail race due to my own clumsiness (or anything else), then I will consider both a success.

Run 1,300 miles for the year.
I promise I was not trying to be cute with “run 1300 in ’13.” It’s just that I’m finishing 2012 with around 1,270 miles for the year… so you know, I just rounded up. That’s an average of 25 miles per week or 108.33 miles per month. Doable.

Weekly strength workouts.
If I can do more than one per week, even better. This will help my running and help prevent injuries. And come summer, I will look awesome.


Non-running goals:

Move out of my parents house. 
This really should have happened in 2012. But all we can do is look forward and try harder. I still have bad spending habits that I am trying to break. So I’m giving myself a bunch of smaller monthly goals (like limiting myself to $500 on races) to help achieve this big goal.

Read 12 books.
Seriously. One per month. According to Goodreads, I read five books in 2012. Sad. They don’t even have to be scholarly, impressive books. Chick lit counts.


Do you have any advice/tricks for curbing spending and/or getting a better handle on finances? Or advice for buying a house/condo? (That is our plan when we move out of here.)