Training, Dec 24-30 … and Die Hard

Monday: 3.1mi in 29 minutes, 9:23 pace.

Tuesday: Christmas!

Wednesday: 10.25mi, 1:37, 9:27 pace.

Thursday: 4mi in 38 minutes, 9:31 pace. Run with the FNRC.

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 6.62mi 56 minutes, 8:30 pace. Mile repeats. I mostly felt sluggish and tried to pull it together for the last one. Splits: 7:26, 7:34, 7:23, 7:12.

Sunday: Rowing/weights/stretching at the gym, 1hr

Total Miles: 24
Total Time: 4hr, 41min

FNRC 122712 snow

Thursday; Saturday


  • Even though I kept up with my usual workouts through the holiday season, I gained a few pounds. Oh well! It’s winter warmth, haha.


Totally unrelated question – have you seen Die Hard? I have never seen it, and my husband seems to think it’s weird that I haven’t. He keeps bringing it up, and borrowed a copy of it from his sis/bro-in-law with plans to force me to watch it. It’s not that I hate action movies, I just prefer them to have humor or a decent plot. I gather Die Hard is to men what cheesy romantic comedies are to women. Brain candy. That I would never force my husband to watch. 


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11 Comments on “Training, Dec 24-30 … and Die Hard”

  1. Nice repeats!

    I have only seen the latest Die Hard (and saw a preview for the newest one yesterday) and thought it was fun and humorous. But I really like action flicks 😉

  2. Seen it, but I don’t remember loving it. It was a really long time ago so I could be missing something.

    Plus, I have those same lightning bolt socks. I feel cooler knowing that I have the same socks as you. 🙂

  3. OMG, my fiance made me watch “die hard 2” on Christmas. He says, “It’s a Christmas movie.” Um, no. Just because it takes place around Christmas doesn’t mean it’s a Christmas movie!

  4. Okay, I feel a little better because I gained weight this week too! I love eating and drinking way too much at the holidays 🙂 I’ve never seen Die Hard either, there’s nothing weird about that.

  5. I’ve never seen Die Hard. I’m not into action movies at all. But I agree with the parallel on action movies to men as romantic comedies to women.

    Love those turquoise running shoes!!! I have a slight obsession with any non-white running shoes these days. Are those Brooks?

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