Weekend Shots, Christmas Part One

coconut macaroons

Coconut Macaroons – so easy and yummy

coconut macaroons

Das boot

Christkindlmarket with BFF Scott and BFF Ultra Vera …

Christkindlmarket Christkindlmarket

And my sis-in-law and niece (and my bro, who was taking the picture)



Looking at the windows at the store formerly known as Marshall Fields





Olive’s Weekend:


Kitty yoga


She’s surprisingly good with Christmas trees; meaning, she leaves them alone.


Nom nom nom … remnants of my oatmeal … coming soon – Olive’s Healthy Living Blog.

Penguin Olive

And this happened.

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5 Comments on “Weekend Shots, Christmas Part One”

  1. Aww your kitty is too cute! I wish I could dress up my cat in something but she may never forgive me (cats are sensitive, un-forgetting creatures after all…) How did you get Olive to eat your oatmeal? Healthy cat eating at its finest!

    1. She ate it on her own. She won’t eat food that I try to give her (bits of chicken or seafood when I’m making it for myself). But when I eat something (in bed) and then leave the plate or bowl or crumbs or whatever sitting out, she will take notice. Such a weird cat!!

  2. Love the pictures of Olive!!! I went to the Christkindl Market on Christmas Eve and it was PACKED. By the way – I made that roasted broccoli recipe you gave me and served it at Christmas Eve dinner. It was a HUGE hit!!!!!! Thanks again for sharing it!!!

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