Photo Challenge: Christmas! Including a cat in a costume.

Thanks to everyone who participated in my latest photo challenge – Christmas lights! Really, I accepted anything Christmasy. (Also it’s not too late – if you send me a pic, I’ll add it to this post.)

My entry: Most of my runs with the Frankfort-New Lenox Running Club start in downtown Frankfort … which is very festive this time of year!

downtown Frankfort

Kelly shared a picture of her favorite running buddy, Pepper, in front of their Christmas tree!


Anne was able to snap some pics of the tree by Wrigley Field on her run!

Melanie and Jill saw an amazingly decorated house!

And … I did this to my cat:

Penguin Olive

I’ve always wanted a pet penguin.

Penguin Olive

Penguin Olive

Also my mom has been stiching up the family’s Santa suit. My late Uncle Tom used to play Santa for us when we were all younger, and those are some of my favorite childhood memories. (The same uncle who I ran the marathon in memory of on behalf of the American Cancer Society.)  This year, one of my other uncles has agreed to wear the suit and surprise my 2-year-old niece.

However, the way the Santa suit been hanging up in the dining room freaks me out every time I walk down the stairs.


I hope everyone is having a fun holiday with your loved ones. Are you squeezing the kiddos extra tight? Is there anything more lovable than children who you never have to ask twice for a hug? Even when you ask for about 50 hugs in the span of 8 hours? (Maybe it was more like 100 for me yesterday; we celebrated Christmas with my in laws.) I really hope my nieces and nephew never grow out of that stage, but I probably only have a few years before my nephew does. This is why I don’t want children!! They will break my heart! Just kidding, it’s because they will get in the way of my selfish lifestyle.

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6 Comments on “Photo Challenge: Christmas! Including a cat in a costume.”

  1. The cat penguin costume is solid gold, I’m dying. Where did you find it? I bought my cat a snowman costume (little snowflake Bowtie and top hat) and she hates it. Love it. Merry Christmas!

  2. Love it! Pissed at myself that I slacked and haven’t gotten a photo of my next door neighbor’s house yet. They are the ones who leave the lights up all year and just turn them on for the holidays. One strand has just been hanging off the side of the house for two weeks and we have a bet going on how long it takes them to fix it. My money’s on never.

  3. I showed these photos to my husband saying “You want to see who looks more miserable wearing clothes than Pepper? A cat.” Lol.

    Did Olive clean up this Christmas? Pepper sure did. She has more toys than she knows what to do with, honestly.

    1. She got a couple things. More from other people than what I got her! Which was nothing. She doesn’t really like toys and only likes dry food, so until I can afford one of those fancy multi-level “cat apartments” I don’t get her gifts.

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