Training, December 17-23

It seems odd to post anything other than Christmas-related stuff right now, and I know you are all running around doing more important things right now than reading blogs. But I do these posts more for me than you (because this is my blog … me me me me me), so whatevs.

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: Tempo Run: 6.4mi in 54 minutes, 8:26 pace. And Pilates-Yoga class.

Thursday: 4mi in 41 minute, 10:04 pace. Our Thursday night run club turnout was maybe a quarter of what it usually is – only 4 people showed up. I assume it is because our normally scheduled run happened to fall during the “winter storm.” By the time we started running, the rain had turned to snow, so it wasn’t too terrible, but it was a little windy. Afterward was our club’s holiday party, and we showed up in our running clothes feeling more hardcore than everyone else.

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 3.43mi in 32 minutes, 9:28 pace.

Sunday: 3.14mi in 28 minutes, 9:01 pace

Total miles: 17
Total time: 3hr, 35min

Screen shot 2012-12-24 at 12.29.25 PM Screen shot 2012-12-20 at 10.19.52 PM

Thursday run and running club party


  • I’ve been battling this cough-thing all week, hence the rest days. It started out with me feeling a little run down on Mon-Tues, by Wednesday I felt better, but by the weekend it became this nagging cough. So I’ve just been doing some easy runs until I feel up for a long run again. Sadly, I skipped my club’s annual cookie run on Saturday morning so that I could sleep in and run later in the day if I felt up for it, at my own pace/distance, heading home when I felt done. 
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