Monday: Body Sculpt class

Tuesday: 5mi, 45 minutes, 8:56 pace.

Wednesday: Pilates-Yoga class

Thursday: 6mi, 55 minutes, 9:10 pace. FNRC group run; ran with Kelly.

Friday: Pilates Bootcamp class

Saturday: 3mi in 37 minutes, 11:57 pace. Chicago Running Bloggers fun run.

Sunday: 10mi in 1:32, 9:10 pace.

Total miles: 24
Total time: 6hr, 33min

Screen shot 2012-12-13 at 9.40.17 PM

Screen shot 2012-12-16 at 1.45.21 AM


  • No speedwork this week, but I tried to focus on what McMillan suggests for my easy and long run paces. I still want to stay close to my usual heart rates, but I think sometimes, when I run alone, my easy paces are too easy. It’s still supposed to be a workout!
  • No cross training, but I am happy with the three strength workouts in one week!
  • During Sunday’s long run, I ran [outdoors] with music for the first time in a long time. Over two years. (I still need music to run on the treadmill; but it’s been probably a year since I’ve done that.) Running with music on Sunday was OK. I don’t think it will become habit again, but on Sunday, after a two-party Saturday and drinking mostly coffee (and not much water) before my run, and with the cold, dreary weather, and not really wanting my thoughts to wander as they normally do, given the recent events, I figured it was a good day to try running with music again. But I doubt I’ll do this very often, as I get sick of playlists very quickly. I’ll just save it for the days I need extra motivation.

Do you listen to music when you run? How has your running been going with the colder temps and shorter days? Have you been running off the Christmas cookies? Speaking of which, I need to make some cookies or cookie-like things this week. Have any good recipes? 

Don’t forget – I’m doing a Runner Photo Challenge – share a picture of Christmas lights seen on your run!