Firmoo Eyeglasses Review

This is a bit overdue. Sorry, Firmoo.

Awhile back, I received an offer from to try out their glasses for free. At first I was confused … I write a running blog. But I also wear glasses, and that’s something that’s kind of ubiquitous, so … sure, I’ll order a free pair of glasses. And in exchange, I agreed to post a review. So here you go. (Also, that is my disclaimer.)

At first, I was hesitant to order glasses online. Would these be as good as the glasses I get through my eye doctor? Only one way to find out.

First step was to get my prescription from my eye doctor at Elite Vision center – board certified optometrists. And no, you can’t just get this off of your contacts box, at least I can’t because those are slightly different prescriptions (they have to round off for contacts; whereas glasses are custom made exactly for you.)

It was a semi-painless process of calling my eye doc’s office, asking them to fax me a release form, signing it and faxing back, and then having them fax me my prescription. Of course while on the phone with the lady from my eye doc’s office, when I mentioned that I would be getting “free glasses off the internet” she had to warn me that there is a risk involved, their office can’t guarantee those glasses, if there is something wrong with them, their office can’t fix them, etc.

Once I had my prescription in hand, it was time to pick out my frames. Firmoo’s website offered a “virtual try on” if I uploaded a picture of myself. That was was kind of fun(ny). There were about 100 styles under “women’s glasses” and I virtually tried on a few. I decided since I already have relatively “normal” everyday glasses, to go for something a bit … trendier. For my safe Midwestern fashion sense.

Eventually, I settled on #DBSN5391. They don’t have cute product names on their site, but I’ll unofficially nickname this style “The Running Blogger” because two other running bloggers also tried out this style.

Ordering was pretty easy, I was able to get anti-glare and anti-scratch coating. One thing I couldn’t get through Firmoo that I get when ordering from my eye doctor is “prism” added to my lenses. My eye doctor tells me this is added because I go slightly cross-eyed after blinking. (Sexy, right?) And prism can help correct that.

Firmoo Glasses Firmoo Glasses

Generally, I’m happy with these glasses. They are definitely more of a “look” than my normal glasses. The quality of the frames is fantastic, and the lenses themselves seem to be spot-on with my prescription.

I mostly wear these glasses when they go with whatever look I was going for. I find that because these frames are more of a statement, they look good when they don’t have to compete with my hair.

outfit of the day

Or when I’m dressing as the hipster version of one of my favorite Disney characters.

If you wear glasses and want to add to your “wardrobe,” Firmoo is offering your first pair of glasses free for new customers (shipping not included, and you might have to pay extra for things like anti-glare and anti-scratch coating). Although their glasses are relatively inexpensive – most pairs are around $20-30, but they have styles for as little as $8.

While I plan to continue getting my everyday glasses from my eye doctor (because I have some coverage with my vision insurance, and also that going-cross-eyed thing), I would order from Firmoo again. I normally go for my eye exam in February, so if my prescription changes, I might order a new pair of “fun” frames with that prescription, as an alternative to whatever “everyday” frames I’ll likely order.

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8 Comments on “Firmoo Eyeglasses Review”

    1. Thanks! I was really surprised (in a good way) at the quality of the glasses. My only hesitation is that while the virtual try-on is helpful, it is still a little bit of a gamble if they will actually look good on your live self 🙂

  1. Thanks for sharing this info! I haven’t been to the optometrist in over 2 years, so I’m definitely due for a new pair of glasses. Glasses can be so expensive so this sounds like a great deal! Maybe I’d order my more standard glasses through them, but then get my funkier glasses in person so I can try those on for size.

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