Training, Nov 26 – Dec 2

Monday: Body Sculpt class

Tuesday: 5mi in 44 minutes, 8:45 pace. Did “tempo intervals” – miles 2 and 4 were at tempo heart rate, the paces were 7:44 and 7:49.

Wednesday: 5.62mi in 53 minutes, 9:29 pace; and Pilates-Yoga class

Thursday: 4mi in 38 minutes, 9:32 pace. Weekly run with the FNRC.

Friday: Rest, but I did a lot of walking.

Saturday: 6mi in 1:02, 10:14 pace. Trail run at Swallow Cliff.

Sunday: Rest.

Total miles: 21
Total time:  5hr, 16min

Frankfort-New Lenox Running Club 

F’N Runners on Thursday and Saturday


  • Remember when I said I wanted to work out everyday between Thanksgiving and New Years? (I included that in my post just three days ago.) Did you believe me? Haha, joke’s on you! Well, on me, really. My goal is still to work out everyday, and hopefully the result is that I work out most days. Although I’m not beating myself up over “only” getting in 6 workouts this week. Come on now. That’s pretty good.
  • I’m doing another 5K on Sunday with a few ladies from my running club. We will be resurrecting the sparkle skirts we bought for the Shamrock Shuffle. Can I PR in a sparkle skirt? (Again?) Do you think I should start off slow so I can chick as many guys as possible in my skirt? HAAAAaaaaaa … no really, should I? Or is that mean? To do intentionally? Although after my last 5K, and looking at the splits, I do feel like I should hold back a little more in the first mile and keep a more consistent overall pace.
  • My goal race right now is the F^3 Half Marathon. In case you were wondering. I’m back to my usual “training plan” – one long run per week, building up to 12 miles, one speed workout per week, and however many easy runs I want to or can fit in, at whatever distance I have have time or energy for. I know this isn’t exactly original, but it’s more enjoyable than being a slave to a plan.

And this is only partially related to running, but I have a million “fun” gift exchanges (secret santa, grab bag or white elephant) this month. OK maybe just five (so far) (unless I am forgetting any). Two are genuine white elephants (so they can be crap), two are grab bags (real gifts) and one is a Secret Santa (also a real gift). And there might be one more, based on past traditions. Anyone else have a bunch of these this season? What’s your best white elephant gift idea? When in doubt, I also go for alcohol or candy.

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8 Comments on “Training, Nov 26 – Dec 2”

  1. I’m so excited for the F3! I think it is going to be great. I’m doing a few Secret Santa and grab bags this year. I usually don’t do them often but I absolutely love them so I’m glad I’m doing a few this year!! 🙂

    I’m still bummed I missed the trail run. I still want to go to one of those adventure runs at Road Runner Sports too! I guess I have to make a list of all the things I want to do now that the test is over. Wahoo!!!

  2. I bought a shake weight as a white elephant gift. Joke was on me as… well a guy got it but a girl really wanted it and exchanged her gift for it. Lol

  3. I want a sparkle skirt! They look so fun to run in but I think I would get annoyed easily. Maybe I should wear a sparkle skirt for the F^3 half? haha 🙂 Sounds like you had a great training week.

  4. You know, I rarely have white elephants or gift exchanges! The only one is the blogger party! And I haven’t had one before now since 2006. I think they are fun 🙂

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