November in Review


Races Raced: 2
PR’s: 2

Beverly Hills Turkey Trot 5K
Chicago’s Perfect 10 (mile)


Total miles ran: 79.8
Total time worked out: 20hr, 47min

My lowest monthly mileage since October 2011. Which is a good thing. I think my legs needed to cut back a little bit, and I wanted to get in the habit of regular strength training again.


Good morning #nofilter Chicago river water taxi


Tonight's sunset brought to you by... Sunset

Full Moon


Expect more of these, now that I have an actual functioning camera again and don’t just rely of my phone’s camera. 


Best Search Terms in November

  • cat christmas costumes (yesssss!!!)
  • skirt soccer (YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG)
  • why are the hot chocolate 15k and 5k races so bad (hahahahahahaha)
  • where do i wear by bib for running (IN THE FRONT)
  • 40 degrees mag mile chicago too cold to walk? (please leave the city or never come here)
  • best female marathon training blogs (Google failed you)
  • lululemon survival strategies (I’m poor, so, no idea)

December Goals

I don’t usually give myself monthly goals … but this month I am.

  • Work out everyday from Thanksgiving to New Years. Even as little as walking a mile or doing 50 (combined) push-ups and sit-ups will count, if I’m pressed for time. I like to eat, and eat more this time of year. Just trying to be pro-active.
  • Bring lunch to work everyday. For each week I do this (just for this month), I can sign up for a race in 2013.
  • No frivolous spending. (By my own definition of “frivolous”.) If I can go all month without it, then I can register for my goal spring half marathon on December 31, before the price goes up.

I like how the last two goals are just bribes to make me do the things I should be doing anyway. How old am I?

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8 Comments on “November in Review”

  1. I’m loving all your December goals! There’s nothing like a little motivation (i.e. bribes) to get you closer to achieving the goals. I think my main goal for December is to avoid frivolous spending as well. I recently started tracking my finances much more in-depth and had a little panic attack. With big changes in 2013 it’s time to get a grasp on my life!

    Congratulations on the two PRs! Very impressive and a good indicator of what’s to come in 2013 🙂

    1. Or scope out the knockoffs … like that jacket from Costco, or I’ve noticed a couple things at Marshalls/TJ Maxx that look like they might be Lululemon knock-offs.

  2. I love that you are making deals with yourself to sign up for races. I am so doing the same thing right now… 🙂 And talk about low mileage – dailymile actually sent me an email saying it missed me….haha.

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