A Bunch of Things Thursday (Mostly Pictures of My Cat)

Our bedroom is “dressed” for Christmas. Nothing says “this is where the magic happens” like snowmen and penguins, am I right?

IMG_0055 IMG_0057

This duvet was custom-made for us by my sister-in-law. And it’s so freaking warm (a fleece duvet over a down comforter). And …. penguins!


This is one of the grumpiest pictures of her ever. I don’t know why she looks grumpy; she loves anything fleecy and warm. Actually, she is curled up on the bed next to me as I type this. (Awwwww, my fat lazy cat is taking her 15th nap of the day.)

So I got a new camera (expect more cat pictures), and it does cool things like take slo-mo video. (This is my co-worker/former roommate.)

But here is a regular video that Olive and I made for Kelly.

My camera also takes still shots when I shoot video, and gave me this gem on the left from my first attempt (it is cropped).

Cat picture in need of a meme Christmas Tree Olive

That other picture is just me being a crazy cat lady myself … this post is very cat-heavy. (Not hard considering how fat she is! … I’m here all week.)

Moving on.

I got home just in time for the sunset.


white lights

But I ran in the dark … it’s Thursday … group run with the F’N Runners! And we had our biggest turn out for a Thursday run! And our usual meeting place is decorated for Christmas.

Frankfort-New Lenox Running Club

I canceled out the run afterward.


Fried picklesย andย fried green beans? You expect me to pick just one?

PS – totally turning this into a food blog next week. Not.

Also, to go off on yet another tangent, if you like Pandora and Spotify and are looking for yet another similar app/website, check out Songza. No one is paying me to tell you this. It’s just awesome. You pick a “channel” based on your mood or current task.

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12 Comments on “A Bunch of Things Thursday (Mostly Pictures of My Cat)”

  1. I’m a crazy dog person and you’re a crazy cat person. Pet people… we’re just different.

    I honestly hope you guys from Thursday aren’t sick of fried food and beer yet. I expect a repeat performance in 1 week! ๐Ÿ™‚ Also, you should totes become a food blogger with your food photography skills. Did you go to the same photography class as me? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Thanks for the awesome video! Totally made my night! Last day of studying! YIKESSSSSS!!! Then, it will be back to my usual running and taking photos of Pepper. You know, the things people normally come to my blog to read about. Haha.

  2. Love fried pickled and fried green beans. And tempura anything.

    I love how your kitty’s eyes match your green sweater. And I like the festive duvet cover! If you’re a crazy cat person, I’m most certainly a crazy dog person ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. I love the comforter! And Olive! Hi, Olive! Data is taking a nap right now. Are you?

    Your camera has such cool features! I would love one that takes pics of videos. The video quality is usually too low to take snapshots. And love the slo mo video. Ha!

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