Christkindlmarket in Daley Plaza

Chicago christkindlmarket

Do you want your hot chocolate in a boot or a cup? What kind of question is that? If you go to Christkindlmarket and DON’T drink out of a boot, you’re doing it wrong.


Waiting outside of Au Cheval for Vera and Scott to find parking. Dinner was amazingly delicious. Afterward we realized we’re in the West Loop, so we HAD to take Vera to …

Vera! We were stuffed from dinner, so we each just had a glass of wine at the bar. Lovely place.


Thursday: Thanksgiving! We celebrated with my husband’s family.

Thanksgiving Thanksgiving

Lego Helicopter.

Lady like Goofy nephew :)

These kids are adorable goof balls.

Made with ground turkey, therefore they are Thanksgiving nachos Nom nom nom

My husband made nachos, but used ground turkey, so I guess that makes them “Thanksgiving” nachos? Between the appetizers, dinner and desserts, I was so stuffed. Totally worth it, everything was so good, as always.





Christmas lights are on! I had nothing to do with putting them up.



Beverly Turkey Trot... 3rd place in my new "old lady" age group. Untitled

Beverly Turkey Trot. You saw these pictures already.

Untitled Interesting artwork in the bathroom at Beavers

Where do you go after dinner at Hooters? To a bar called Beavers, of course. Not even making this up. Also, the art in the women’s bathroom looked like it was pilfered from a cheap hotel room.



Untitled Untitled

Untitled Untitled

Lovely day for a run.

Tonight's sunset brought to you by...

Nice sunset.

Are you going to come inside and feed me? Or take pictures of the bushes all night?

What I see almost everytime I get home. That would be Olive in the window.