It’s Thanksgiving, and I hope you all have plans to go stuff your faces somewhere. I will be headed to my in-laws where I will fight with them for all of the stuffing.

Lately, I’ve been getting caught up in the things I don’t have (that others do have) and getting all down on myself and jealous of others. Needless to say, this is no way to live. I need to remember that I have a lot for which I should be thankful. Such as …

Surprise Party

My husband. Let me just say … marriage is not easy. But if you find someone worth all the work and getting over your own egos, it can be pretty great.

Schwartz Family

My family. Every single person in this picture above lives 20 minutes away. Or less. And, when it comes to my husband’s family, 2/3 of them live within an hour of us – unfortunately his middle-older sister lives over 5 hours away. But having the majority of our immediate families that close to use is a blessing that many people do not have. And I know my parents are extremely happy that my brothers and I (and let’s be honest, my niece … mostly my niece) are so close.

The F’N Runners. They make running more fun. And I’ve made some great friends through this group. It can be intimidating to get out there and make running friends out of strangers. It took me a looong time to get up the courage to just show up at group runs, not knowing anyone there. But I’m glad I did! Because this wacky group has certainly embraced me ever since my first run with them.

Friends. I didn’t realize until Kim’s recent post how lucky I was to have so many good friends who have been good friends for over a decade … some for over two decades. And we’re still friends! It certainly helps that many of us still live close to where we all grew up. But I love my friends, and I love that I see many of them fairly regularly.

Genevieve – Pretty sure we met when we were 4.

Vera – met in kindergarten.

Scott – met in junior high.


Loren (left) and Melissa (right). My sisters-in-law. Met Loren when I was 13 and she started dating my brother, met Melissa my freshman year of high school (she started dating my brother nine years later).

L-R: Liz, Paula, (me), Teresa. Met Liz when I was 10, Paula and Teresa in high school.


Left: Sarah and Jessica; Right: Ali. Met them all in college.

So thank you friends and family for being awesome and making my life awesome.

What are you thankful for? I’m also thankful for stuffing and pumpkin pie.