Not Thankful

I’m working on this really sweet “what I’m thankful for” post for tomorrow. In the meantime … let’s start this off on the right foot.

Here are the things I’m not thankful for (this is also very much a First World Problems list).

Crappy smartphones. Why is nothing built to last anymore? I bought my phone in February, and it started going all diva after only a few months. I’m on a family plan and can’t even steal anyone else’s upgrade until next spring.

Not having an iPad. Seriously, I feel like everyone else has one. I certainly don’t need one, but I feel left out. Wah wah wah …

The modern toddler iPad experience

Heartburn and indigestion. Growing older is fun. Apparently when you turn 30, you need to start carrying antacids with you at all time. Swell.

The American Music Awards. I don’t even watch this show because I can’t take it. Seriously … that is “the best” music being made in our country today? I’m not going to argue that it is certainly the best selling music. And it’s catchy, yes. But where is the musical talent? When did we stop learning how to play instruments? Or sing without autotune?

Oh man, I sound old. These kids today and their loud rock and/or roll music … 

Hostess snack cakes. Seriously, why did everyone freak out? I actually ate a Ho Ho yesterday for the first time in years, and guess what guys, cheap snack cakes aren’t that great. Maybe Hostess was doing us a favor. Or maybe the palate of a 10-year-old is less discerning.

Changing passwords. I have to change my work voicemail password like once a month, which is how often I get voicemails. Most people just email me, or I answer the phone. Or it’s a cold call and they don’t leave a voicemail. Or I’m working from home and my calls are forwarded to my smartphone. Point being, when you have to change your PW so often on something you rarely use, and can’t recycle old passwords, you end up getting locked out after so many wrong PW attempts. Annoying. Just email me. I miss my old work phone system that would send my voicemails to me via email as an audio file attachment. Again … wah wah wah …


Visit Kelly’s blog today for a guest post about something that I am thankful for! 🙂

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13 Comments on “Not Thankful”

  1. I agree with you on passwords for voicemail. I rarely get voice mails, they are never really about anything important (mostly spam calls), yet the security is so tight you would think that the world would come to an end if someone cracked my code! Also, I don’t have a tablet (ipad) either. I have a computer screen at work, a computer screen at home, a smartphone with a big enough screen to do web surfing. Enough screens already! So, I don’t know if I’ll ever get one unless they are priced less than $50!

    1. Yes, I am kind of overloaded on screens. I have a laptop at home (a 6-7 year old Mac laptop … finally, something built to last), a laptop at work that I can take home if I need it, my smartphone … so, really don’t need an iPad. Any “need” I can think of is frivolous for me.

  2. We only want the snack cakes because we can’t have them. But lets be real. Those little chocolate cupcakes are what my childhood was made of. Also, i am very unthankful for the fact that i don’t have an ipad either.

    1. I did eat a lot of hostess cupcakes in my childhood. My mom would stock up at the hostess outlet store and keep them in the freezer. For the records, those things DO NOT last forever. I ate my share of old frozen cupcakes that tasted gross, even to my kid taste buds.

  3. Agreed completely with your hostess comment! I also do not have an IPAD (nor a home computer so you got one up on me). I unfortunately DID watch the AMA’s and I hated most all of it (with the exception of Pink’s performance). The awards are fan based votes which means it’s all about the teeny-boppers. ( I sound old). I’m passed 30 (33 to be exact) and I DO NOT carry antacids. Maybe you are just cooler than me! Happy Thanksgiving Maggie!

  4. Haha love this post! Such a fun twist on FWP. I totally agree with you on the AMAs…I mean really? Jbiebs and all the typical radio music is considered “the best?” No thanks. And changing passwords is the worst! I have to change my computer passwords often and it drives me crazy! Definitely a FWP.

  5. I have never liked Hostess, especially Twinkies. I also thought it was funny how big of a deal the hostess thing was…some people made it sounds like the world was ending! I also don’t have an Ipad but may still get one mainly for school reasons. I hate when systems make you change passwords all the time! I can never keep up with what password I am currently using

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