Awhile back, Kelsey tagged me in some seven random facts meme. (I think? I dunno, I started this post and then it sat in my drafts.) And I’m just now getting around to sharing. But I feel like my entire blog is random, so what is really left to share? Here goes …

1. I’ve never dyed my hair. I’ve been blessed with a natural hair color that many women pay good money for, so it would be a waste for me to change it.

Someone else who doesn’t have to dye her hair – my middle-older brother’s wife

2. At various points in my life, I wanted to be the following things: teacher, lawyer, marine biologist, psychologist, computer programmer, magazine editor, public relations professional, engineer. I ended up majoring in communication, and have worked in marketing/public relations/communications for the eight-plus years since graduation. There’s still time to be a marine biologist though, right? Ha ha.

3. I ran cross country and track in junior high, but not because I had any interest or talent in running, but because my friends did, and what else was I supposed to do after school? In high school, I played volleyball and soccer and was on the dance team. (Things I was actually interested in.)


Oh hey high school friends, hope you don’t mind that you’re on my blog! In the pic on the left, I’m in the top row, second from left. Vera is in the 3rd row, far left. I should have uploaded a pic from my junior year, when my now sister-in-law (not the redhead above, the other one) was the dance team captain. In the pic on the right, I’m on the far right. 

4. I’m not a fan of public speaking. Surprisingly, when I was in junior high, I took an acting class at the local theater. I’m sure I was terrible. And in college, despite fainting after giving a speech my sophomore year, I participated in the Vagina Monologues my senior year, on a “why not?” whim. (And I didn’t faint.)

5. I will eat pretty much any food. If it’s weird, I will try it, just for the sake of curiosity. The most adventurous thing I’ve tried is pig’s blood, a Filipino dish; Wikipedia tells me the proper name is Dinuguan.

6. During college, I worked as a life guard, and part of that job included teaching swim lessons. To this day, that is the most enjoyable job I’ve ever had. (Teaching swim lessons, not life guarding … I’m terrible in emergency situations.)

7. Speaking of being bad in emergency situations … I set my high school graduation cap on fire a few hours before my graduation ceremony. It was a thoughtless accident on my part, but since then, I have never been allowed to have one of those torch lamps with the halogen light bulbs. Anyway, when the flaming graduation cap was discovered in my bedroom by my brother, my reaction was to run screaming through the house. I wish I were joking. Luckily, my neighbor, who graduated two years before me, still had her cap, so I was able to wear that.

And as soon as the ceremony was over, I removed said cap. That’s Vera next to me; Scott on the other end. The guy in the ‘merica flag tie was an exchange student from Germany (and a friend of course).