Monday: Strength work at the gym – weights, weight machines, resistance bands, planks, etc. I think my train was running late, because normally I have time to go straight to the gym and get changed for the 6pm classes, but this time I got to the gym at 5:59 … still dressed in work clothes. So I just did my own “Body Sculpt” class.

Tuesday: 4.02mi in 38 minutes, 9:27 pace.

Wednesday: Pilates-Yoga class, 1hr. This class is moving to 5:30 starting this week. I get off the train at like 5:35 😦

Thursday: Yoga, 1hr. Good stretch.
3.06mi in 29 minutes, 9:30 pace. FNRC group run, I ran with Kelly and her dog Pepper!

Friday: Pilates Bootcamp, 1hr. Basically, core exercises in a bootcamp format. We definitely wailed on our abs.
5.11mi in 44 minutes, 8:34 pace. I was able to squeeze in a run before the sun went down so I went to the track and did a Ladder. 1 mi warm-up, then 400, 800, 1600, 800, 400 with 400 recoveries, then cool down. My first and last 400s were really close (1:40.2, 1:39.6), but my second 800 was slower because I got a little side stitch (3:34.9, 3:45.5). My 1600 (actually a mile which Google tells me is 1609m) was 7:41. I’d like to get that split below my 5K PR pace (7:30). Regardless, it felt good to go fast! I would do track workouts everyday if I could.

Saturday: 6.34mi in 1:04, 10:02 pace. I went to a local “hilly” trail. The first half of this run sucked. Not sure why. Maybe I shouldn’t have done hills the day after speedwork. Maybe I haven’t been drinking enough water. Maybe I need to start taking a multi-vitamin again.

Sunday: 4mi in 40 minutes, 9:57 pace. Wanted to do something “easy” and I didn’t feel like swimming.

Total miles: 22.5
Total time: 7hr, 34min

hickory creek trail

Thursday group run; Saturday sunny solo run


  • 2.5 strength workouts, 1.5 yoga workouts. I’m happy.
  • There is a big difference between running in the 40s in the dark, and during the day. Duh, of course.
  • Going up a full size for my Brooks Pure Cadence seems to have solved the blister problem.