Lazy Girl Cooking – “Pizza”

I love pinning recipes on Pinterest, and reading all about everyone else’s exploits in the kitchen. And once in a great while, I get motivated and actually cook.

But most of the time? If dinner isn’t leftovers or something frozen (or made by my mom – the perks of living with my parents), it’s a scramble to throw something together. Fast. (And sometimes I just give up and eat a peanut butter & jelly sandwich or have cereal for dinner.)

Last night was one of those “scramble” nights.


That is not actually a tub of orange sherbet; it’s leftover chicken breasts cooked in marinara sauce. Yes, I made that for dinner the other night. I had some chicken that had to be cooked ASAP, so I dumped a jar of marinara over it and cooked it on the stove. My cooking skill have regressed quite  bit. That is how I used to cook in college. Not even kidding. In college, “fancy cooking” was either dump marinara sauce or cream of mushroom soup over chicken and bake. (Non-fancy cooking was a Lipton rice packet. At SO MANY of those in college, I’m surprised my blood pressure is as low as it is.)

Anyway, so I had the leftover chicken but didn’t want to eat it over pasta for the third night in a row. So I made “pizza.”

Flour tortillas, topped with the marinara chicken (shredded), with minced garlic, basil leaves, sliced tomato and mozzarella cheese. Bake at 350 for, I don’t know, 10 minutes? Until the tortillas start to look crispy. Pair it with a nice Merlot … gotta keep it classy.

dinner dinner

And you know what? The only thing I did wrong was not make a third one. They were good. TAKE THAT, MARTHA STEWART.

What lazy meals have you thrown together lately?

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8 Comments on “Lazy Girl Cooking – “Pizza””

  1. yum! Pita bread works really well too! Not that i make lazy meals or anything… 😉
    My secret lazy “go to” while not a meal (unless you really love rice, which i do) is brown rice with giardinara mixed in. It’s spicy and delish!

  2. I love to make mexican lasagna as my go-to-lazy meal. Most of the ingredients are canned so I have them on hand all the time (beans, corn, rotel, enchilada sauce). Layer with some tortillas, cheese, bake in the oven and a dollup of sour cream before serving. Although, I haven’t made this inwhile. Perhaps this weekend?

  3. Buon appetito – those pizzas look delicioso!!!!! I’ve learned that the simplest, easiest, quickest recipes can sometimes be the best!!! (I actually grow basil at home and it is such a staple – it adds so much zest to ANYTHING!!!)

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