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Irina always does a “frames from the weekend” post, and I always love those posts, even when nothing particularly exciting happens. It’s probably because she takes nice photos, but it’s also interesting to see what other sort of “everyday” things we all do. I guess as interesting as posts are about fun, unique experiences, there is also something relatable about what we do in our normal lives.

Anyway, I have failed to take photos nearly as good as Irina (I broke my camera in May and really hope to pick up a new one on Black Friday), but this was my weekend:


Friday: I cooked! Holy cow. Alert the presses. You already read all about it.

Chicago's Perfect 10 Chicago's Perfect 10

Saturday morning: Chicago’s Perfect 10 at Navy Pier.

Saturday afternoon: Movie date (Skyfall) with my husband. We have a hard time agreeing on movies to see together. We have different tastes (in almost everything), but we both like “smart action” movies. And, well, I certainly don’t mind staring at Daniel Craig for two hours. Anyway, the movie was great. If you liked Casino Royale, you’ll probably like Skyfall. (Let’s just forget Quantum of Solace happened.) Also going to the movies means I got to watch one of my favorite things ever: movie trailers. I love watching previews to the point that I get a little sad when the previews come to an end before the movie begins. Is that weird?

Chinatown oh hai

Saturday evening: Dinner (delicious) and drinks in Chinatown with my husband and his best friend, followed by a visit to a dive bar (not pictured because my phone died) in Lakeview to meet up with husband’s best friend’s wife and her best friend post-Amanda Palmer concert.

Intermission at Illinois Philharmonic Orchestra

Sunday: Illinois Philharmonic Orchestra concert. Photos/videos obviously aren’t allowed during the concert, so I took one during intermission. Hence the mostly empty stage. The concert was great, you could tell the audience and the orchestra were very enthusiastic for the new music director. We went for pizza afterward, but I didn’t take a picture. You know what pizza looks like though.

Have you seen any good movies lately (in theaters)? Also, do you love previews as much as I do, or do you wish they would just hurry up and end so your movie can start? 

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7 Comments on “Weekend Shots”

  1. Aw thanks for the shout out! You should join in on the Frames From the Weekend Fun – I just use my iPhone for 95% of the photos and use an app called PicFrame to create collages.

    I’m with Amy on this one – Argo was an amazing movie! Very stressful (I was chewing on my nails the entire time) but very interesting.

    Happy Monday!

  2. I’m going to jump on the Argo bandwagon… so so very good! I don’t terribly mind the previews, and I definitely prefer them to the almost movie-length commercials theaters show these days. Those Coca-Cola commercials work my last nerve! For the past few years I’ve timed the pre-feature ads/previews and they usually clock in between 18 and 21 minutes. Yikes!!

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