The things I do for this country.


Notice my slightly patriotic red, brown and blue outfit. I’m a fashionista, didn’t you know? 

Because my office is about 3405834905 miles from home, I normally board my first train of my commute at 5:54am (and get to the office around 7:40am, in case you want to compare commutes … and I don’t think I’ve talked about my long commute in about four days, so I’m due). And the polls open at 6am. So today, I had to take a later train in order to do my patriotic duty (before work).

Unfortunately, train 1 got delayed en route to downtown, and despite trying to book it across the Loop, I missed train 2 by two measly minutes. The next train to my office wasn’t for another hour and a half.

So I had to take the Blue Line and pray a co-worker would be able to pick me up at the nearest station to our office. About 2.5 hours after leaving home, I finally made it to work.

If you’ve ever been on an expressway that goes under/over/near any Metra tracks, you may have seen Metra’s “We’re on time … are you?” ads. Or some variation of them. I passed by one such ad when I was on the Blue Line.

I’ve been known to say that you can set your watch to Metra trains. And normally, you can.

BUT YOU WEREN’T ON TIME TODAY METRA. And then I missed your train that was on time. (Although their excuse for the delay was a sick passenger on a train ahead of me. Not the first time I’ve heard this reason for delayed trains, so it could be worse, I could have been that sick passenger delaying everyone else, which has always been my fear.)

Anyway, my point being, I have made sacrifices for my country today. Maybe not as many as my husband has made (or as many as I make because I’m his wife), but still. I HOPE YOU APPRECIATE IT, ‘MERICA.

But, on the upside, do you know what’s back?

That would be a Starbucks Gingerbread Latte. I know everyone goes crazy over the Pumpkin Spice Lattes, but I think the gingerbread ones are so much better. Similar to PSL, but not as sweet. I have all the sweetness I need, thankyouverymuch.

In closing, if you didn’t vote today, I’M JUDGING YOU. Did you see my smug sticker? I hear people who live in Chicago-proper aren’t getting stickers. FINALLY. Something the suburbs have that you don’t.