Training, Oct 29 – Nov 4

Monday: 6mi in 53 minutes, 8:43 pace. I didn’t mean to run this fast, but it was windier than I expected, and I was just trying to keep warm. Also, during my run, a deer (with antlers) crossed the trail, but before running off into the trees, stopped and stared at me. Not one to spook something with pointy weapons growing out of his head, I kept my distance until he ran into the trees. I didn’t have my phone with me to snap a pic, but imagine this, but on a paved train, and with antlers.


Tuesday: 5.37mi in 46 minutes, 8:35 pace. Woke up feeling some stiffness in my hip/groin/something. Perfect opportunity for speedwork, right?? So I did a ladder workout – intervals of 0.25, 0.5, 1.0, 0.5, 0.25 with recoveries of 0.25 in-between, and a warm-up and cool down before and after.

Wednesday & Thursday – Still felt that stiffness (actually I was almost limping on Wednesday), so I rested.

Friday: 3.36mi in 32 minutes, 9:39 pace. Yup, that stiffness is stil there.

Saturday: 5.45mi in 56 minutes, 10:20 pace. Already wrote about my run by the lakefront. Miraculously, the stiffness is still not gone!

Sunday: FINE. Maybe I should rest some more.

Total miles: 20
Total time: 3hr, 7min

Lakefront Path wore my running clothes

Other photos from Saturday


  • Obviously, this hip/groin thing is cramping my style. Even when I knew I should probably take another rest day, I just couldn’t help but run. SORRY. I like running. Deal with it body. (OK, OK, you win, I promise I’ll rest until this stiffness is gone.)
  • Since I don’t know what exactly is my problem (muscle strain? inflamed tendon?) (although I also don’t know what is my problem in general, har har), I didn’t want to aggravate whatever it is by doing strength work. So no Pilates or Body Sculpt for me this week. But apparently running was OK in my mind. Not really OK, I just really wanted to run. What can I say, I’ll never learn.
  • This was my first 20-mile week since the marathon. Would have been more without the hip/groin issue, but probably should have been less considering it.
  • Do I have any idea what caused this? Who knows. I haven’t been doing a good job of keeping my easy runs easy for the past month, so maybe my overall pace is too fast, and I need to remember that in order to run fast once in awhile, I have to run slow on other days. Or there is another possible cause that is private.
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6 Comments on “Training, Oct 29 – Nov 4”

  1. Did you see the deer on the lakefront?! Is your pain weight-bearing? LIke, if you jump on one leg on the leg that is bothering you, does it worsen the pain in your groin? If so, be very careful. Lateral hip pain is almost always tendon/muscle, but inner hip/groin pain be tendon/muscle OR a stress fracture. Hip fractures usually present with groin pain. When I had a stress reaction in my hip ~2.5 years ago, it started out as an achy pain in my groin, and then progressed to a sharper pain that was brought on when ran. Definitely take it easy.

    1. No, I saw the deer on a trail down in the south ‘burbs.

      I tried jumping on just that leg and that did not worsen the pain. So that’s a good sign, right?

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