Training, Oct 22-28

Monday: Body Sculpt class at the gym

Tuesday: 4.88mi in 47min, 9:35 pace

Wednesday: Pilates class at the gym

Thursday: Yoga class at the gym. Group run in the evening was rained out.

Friday: Tempo run – 4.63mi in 39min, 8:22 pace. Miles 2-4 were around 7:52 pace.

Saturday: 9.71mi in 1:35, 9:45 pace

Sunday: rest

Miles: 19
Times:  5hr, 45min

Hipster Ariel is ready to party. I guess.

No running-related pics this week (that I haven’t already posted), so here I am ready for Saturday night’s Halloween party. I decided to go as Hipster Ariel. It was something I could pull off without buying anything new. I had another idea (with the help of Kim), but that would have required some shopping, so I’m shelving it for a future Halloween. 


  • Now that the marathon is over, I’m trying to make things like strength work and yoga part of my regular routine. So I’m happy with this week.
  • I’m also making speedwork a regular thing. My goal is at least one speedy run per week – tempo, intervals, fartlek.
  • My next race is the Chicago’s Perfect 10 (miler) in two weeks. I’m not sure if I need to “taper” for it and only do a 6-mile “long” run or just do an 8-10 mile long run (or whatever I feel like) next weekend. Do you need to taper for races under the half marathon distance? I feel like I’m still pretty fresh after runs of 8-10 miles, so maybe I just answered my own question.
  • The Brooke PureCadence shoes I was so excited about gave me blisters. Hopefully I can try them a half size up and that fixes that problem. Anyone else found that they need to go up a half size for Brooks Pure shoes, or just me? I looked up some reviews and sounds like some other people went up a half size, although no one specifically mentioned getting blisters on the tops of their feet.
  • I didn’t do a training recap post last week because there wasn’t much to post about. I ran 13 miles (although looking back, it was all speedwork in some way – fartlek, tempo and a 5K race – so it really wasn’t a very well thought-out week), swam a half mile, and did no strength or yoga. In case you were interested.
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10 Comments on “Training, Oct 22-28”

  1. OMG, I found a picture on pinterest of a group of girls who went as hipster disney princesses. I was *THIS CLOSE* to borrowing my friend’s snow white costume and going as hipster snow white one night… should woulda coulda… damns.

    But you look super cute! I really do love the glasses. Just because.

  2. I had to go up a size when I bought brooks pure connect. They were still too small for me (i loved them though!).

    you are the most hipstery ariel ive ever seen!

  3. I had to go up a half-size when I went with the Brooks PureFlows because I found the toebox too low. But I love these shoes. They got me through the Chicago Marathon!

  4. My SiL used that costume idea but as a last minute one, so it was not as funny as it could have been, but it still got some good reactions 😉

    Do you think you will try to keep up with strength and yoga if you do a marathon again next year?

    Yeah, I was going to say don’t bother with a taper too, unless your legs are sore or something 😉

  5. Love the costume! Love your hair even more…your bangs are bangin’ (ha!).

    I’m running the perfect 10K! It will be the longest I’ve run since the half marathon in July so I’m a tiny bit afraid.

    I can’t figure out if the PureCadences are too small for me but sometimes the outside bone on my right foot starts hurting from them. They are the most “inconsistent” (if that makes sense) shoes I have ever run in, but I love them regardless. Hope the larger size works out well for you!

  6. Love your costume! The pure cadence run a little short, I work at a running store and tried them all on haha. I was 9.5 in connect and cadence but 9 in flow. I generally do scale back on a long run before a race no matter what the distance, mostly for the mental rest. Good luck in the perfect 10! 🙂

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