Monday: Body Sculpt class at the gym

Tuesday: 4.88mi in 47min, 9:35 pace

Wednesday: Pilates class at the gym

Thursday: Yoga class at the gym. Group run in the evening was rained out.

Friday: Tempo run – 4.63mi in 39min, 8:22 pace. Miles 2-4 were around 7:52 pace.

Saturday: 9.71mi in 1:35, 9:45 pace

Sunday: rest

Miles: 19
Times:  5hr, 45min

Hipster Ariel is ready to party. I guess.

No running-related pics this week (that I haven’t already posted), so here I am ready for Saturday night’s Halloween party. I decided to go as Hipster Ariel. It was something I could pull off without buying anything new. I had another idea (with the help of Kim), but that would have required some shopping, so I’m shelving it for a future Halloween. 


  • Now that the marathon is over, I’m trying to make things like strength work and yoga part of my regular routine. So I’m happy with this week.
  • I’m also making speedwork a regular thing. My goal is at least one speedy run per week – tempo, intervals, fartlek.
  • My next race is the Chicago’s Perfect 10 (miler) in two weeks. I’m not sure if I need to “taper” for it and only do a 6-mile “long” run or just do an 8-10 mile long run (or whatever I feel like) next weekend. Do you need to taper for races under the half marathon distance? I feel like I’m still pretty fresh after runs of 8-10 miles, so maybe I just answered my own question.
  • The Brooke PureCadence shoes I was so excited about gave me blisters. Hopefully I can try them a half size up and that fixes that problem. Anyone else found that they need to go up a half size for Brooks Pure shoes, or just me? I looked up some reviews and sounds like some other people went up a half size, although no one specifically mentioned getting blisters on the tops of their feet.
  • I didn’t do a training recap post last week because there wasn’t much to post about. I ran 13 miles (although looking back, it was all speedwork in some way – fartlek, tempo and a 5K race – so it really wasn’t a very well thought-out week), swam a half mile, and did no strength or yoga. In case you were interested.