I love dressing for holidays, whether it’s for a race or a group run (or, um, non-running occasions).

Halloween: Green compression socks from Running Skirts; Black/Orange “arm warmers” [over-the-knee socks with feet cut off] from Target; I Run With Fast Women purple shirt from my Spreadshirt Shop.


Halloween (last year): an old pirate costume (from K-Mart) worn during an obstacle race that was also a little bit muddy. Luckily the costume did not give me any problems during the race. It was washable, and I think I still have it somewhere.

Reindeer Run 5K

Christmas: Shirt from Applefest Half Marathon (2011); shorts from Target a looong time ago; socks are old soccer socks; antlers were handed out at the race; striped gloves from H&M (last year)

Christmas Part 2 (I am third from right): Green top from Target (last year), red shorts from Target (loooong time ago); novelty knee socks were either a gift or from Target (or both); Snowflake-print fleece headband was a gift to my husband that I knew he’d never wear

St. Patrick’s Day: Green top from Target (last year); Green sparkle skirt from Team Sparkle; Green knee socks are actually old soccer socks; Shamrock headband from Bondi Band; striped gloves from Old Navy (last year)

Aunt Maggie & Madeline

St. Patrick’s Day Part 2: Same sparkle skirt, “arm warmers” are the same green knee socks from above; green-striped knee socks from Target; I Run With Fast Women shirt from my Spreadshirt Shop; No-slip shamrock-print headband from Chickbands on Etsy (I think … I order so many of these); Niece from my brother …

This year, I’m signed up for a Thanksgiving race, and I’m not sure what to wear. In case you can’t tell, I don’t like buying a lot of stuff for these outfits (other than the occasional socks that may or may not be cut into arm warmers or group order for sparkle skirts). I’m doing another Christmas race, so expect yet another variation on a red & green ensemble (and probably the sparkle skirt).

Do you like dressing up for races? Have you ever raced in a costume or something else festive and regretted it?