If you don’t like the weather in Chicago, Part 2

On Tuesday, it was pouring when I left work, but luckily the storm passed and the sun was out when I got home and I was able to have a nice, dry run.

Yesterday I was not so lucky.

Even though I was working from home and could have gone for a run at any time, I waited until evening so I could run with the F’N Runners. Even though rain was predicted. We’ve run in rain before, so no biggie. Just wear a hat and a jacket.

The weather earlier in the day was beautiful. Unseasonably warm, sunny, and breezy. Great running weather! Instead I went to yoga class and then stayed indoors, working on my laptop. Then it rained around 5pm. And the temperature started dropping.

When I left the house shortly after 6pm, there was lighning.

This doesn’t look good. 

A few miles from home, it started raining. Then pouring. Like, crazy pouring. Like, I-can-barely-see-the-road pouring.

I pulled into a parking lot, and of course my phone was in my trunk with my running bag, so I had to dart into the rain to get it. Stepping in a puddle on the way. I checked my phone, saw a missed call from Kelly, my usual Thursday night running partner. I called her back, and she told me we should cancel tonight’s run.

Probably a good idea.

Some of the others from the group were meeting at a gym to still get in a workout. Since I’m working from home again today, I decided to just head home and run in the morning. (Or afternoon. Whatever.) Tomorrow will also be perfect fall running weather. Seasonable.

So instead of my usual Thursday night group run, I spent my evening helping my husband make dinner (sort of) and watching the first three episodes of BBC’s Pride & Prejudice. (Talk about first world problems.) And eating a ton of Halloween candy. Thrilling, no?

And every post needs a picture, so …

I feel like i'm supposed to make a centerpiece out of these or something

Maybe Pinterest will tell me how to make a centerpiece out of these.

Also, I keep really weird hours when I work from home. I stay up late at night (it’s almost 1am as I write this), catching up on work emails. That way I can sleep in without an alarm the next day and hopefully no one notices (or gives me crap). It’s a nice change of pace from the days I do go to the office, when my alarm starts going off at 4:45am. If you don’t have a set time that you have to be up in the morning, do you stay up late for no good reason?

Also, and this is equally as random, I changed my ringtone for text messages to “evil laugh.” It’s hilarious, but I keep forgetting, so it kind of freaks me out whenever I get a text. Then I realize what it is, and it makes me laugh.

Also, this:


This is one of my most favorite internet videos ever. This and Keyboard Cat. And Nyan Cat.

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9 Comments on “If you don’t like the weather in Chicago, Part 2”

  1. I was sad to cancel the run yesterday too.

    I once had a yoda ringtone…
    “Your phone, ringing it is. Answer you must! And fulfill your destiny!” Never happened. But everyone got a kick out of it!

    (FYI, I was typing this when I saw that bug….then realized I never sent it! lol)

  2. Kim and I went for a run around 5:00 PM last night and then decided to walk to dinner from my apartment. Of course, that’s right when it started pouring. We ate dinner with soaking wet feet and clothes. At least dinner was tasty!

  3. Only sort of related – I think the varying schedule is one of the hardest parts of working from home. I get up at 4:30 when I go downtown but closer to 6:30 when I work from home. So I do stay up later, but my body does not like all the changes in schedule!

    1. I’m out of bed by 5 when I go head downtown, when I work from home I don’t set an alarm and sleep until maybe 8-9am. Same with the weekends. But the more days in a row I “sleep in” the later I sleep in (and stay up).

  4. I’m a relatively new runner and have been using the lakefront path since May. I’ve just discovered the winter restroom access conundrum (as in, everything’s closed). Any advice? I would prefer not to run on the treadmill. 🙁

    1. Once you figure out your routine of fluid intake & scheduling your runs, you’ll probably find that you can go pretty long distances without needing a bathroom break. My advice in the meantime:
      1) if it’s #2 you are worried about, drink coffee and don’t leave for your run until that is taken care of.
      2) find out where there are publicly accessible bathrooms nearish to the path. Starbucks and other fast food places generally have open bathrooms, as do most hotels (in their lobbies) and large department stores. and Navy Pier.
      3) plan your route so that you loop back home
      4) stop drinking any fluids an hour or more before you plan to start running. unless you are doing a really long run (10 or more miles), you probably don’t need to change your fluid intake. but for long runs, do your hydrating the day before.
      5) run in the woods, where the entire forest is your bathroom, haha. of course if your usual route is the lakefront path, I’m guessing the woods aren’t really nearby.
      6) learn to hold it. I find in cold weather, the urge to pee is stronger than the actual need. I ran yesterday and felt like I had to pee during my run, but got back to my car, drank a serving of coconut water, and drove 45 minutes home, and ate dinner before I actually went pee. so I think the cold messes with your body’s signals.

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