ZOOMA Blogger Party House weekend is over and it’s back to reality. I’ve been enjoying everyone else’s weekend & race recaps.

Also I feel like the title of this post is a rip-off of Amy’s blog. Maybe it is … they say imitation is the best form of flattery, right?

Anyway, this evening, my husband and I were supposed to go kayaking on the Chicago River with Urban Kayaks, using a Google Offer I purchased awhile ago. Unfortunately, it’s been rainy all day, and our kayak tour was cancelled. Today was their last day of operation (I literally waited until the last minute to use it), but luckily we can still use our voucher next May. Have you ever kayaked on the Chicago River? It’s something I’ve wanted to do for awhile. I’ve been on the Chicago Architectural Boat Cruise like a million times, and I love it every time, but it would be fun to do it a little differently. And get a good arm workout. So … see you next May, Urban Kayaks.

But here are some pics from my commute home (UGH, Instagram photos = blogger filler content. SORRY. I’m a lazy blogger.)

To Chicago

The first part of my commute home is a ride into Chicago. Tonight’s Monday Night Football game is the Lions at the Bears. My train was full of Bears fans, and they smelled like booze. Exactly what you want to smell at 4pm on a Monday at the start of your 2 hour commute home. I told this to Twitter, and now I’m telling you – there should be a Quiet Car on EVERY Metra train, not just during rush hour heading in the “correct” direction. Some of us reverse commute (or partial reverse commute) … do we not deserve peace and quiet?

Weird to see string lights in trees that still have leaves.

Walking through the Loop, I noticed string lights hanging from some of the trees. I don’t care how early they hang the lights, just don’t turn them on until Thanksgiving.

When do you decorate for the winter holiday that you celebrate? Personally, I don’t mind if Christmas decorations are up before Thanksgiving, if it’s like the week of Thanksgiving. In my mind, Thanksgiving is the kick-off of the winter holiday season, so a little overlap is fine. But I hate when they start playing Christmas music the day after Halloween, because then by the time Thanksgiving rolls around, I’m sick of it. And I love Christmas music. (Speaking of Halloween … Dear Halloween Candy, I wish I knew how to quit you.)

Anyway, I digress. Knowing that the weather looked questionable and kayaking might not happen tonight, I packed my gym bag, and my back-up plan was to go to a Body Sculpt class at the gym. Tonight’s class reminded me just how much I’ve been slacking on strength work.

When I got home, I had a box waiting for me. New shoes!! Runnerd high.

New shoes = runnerd high. Excited to try @brooksrunning pure connect.

I love Brooks Adrenalines, but I’ve been wanting to try Brooks Pure Cadence for awhile, but didn’t want to introduce a new type of shoe during marathon training. Now that the marathon is over, it’s time to go crazy, right?? Maybe not, but I’m curious to see how these shoes work out.

I’m not going to ask you which shoes you wear, because that’s a personal decision every runner has to make for him or herself, so instead … what color shoes do you like? Plain (white, gray or black), or bright colors? If so, which bright colors? So far, all of the shoes that have been right for me have been boring (white + one or two other accent colors), so I’m also excited to finally have a pair of colorful shoes that are a good match for me. Petty and unimportant, yes, but, like many women, I like when functional things can also look attractive and/or interesting. However, I hate bright pink stuff. I like bright colors, but NOT PINK. So I was excited that these were available in blue/green.