Three Things Thursday – Cooking, Glasses and Race Deals

Now that I’m working from home two days/week (usually Thursday-Friday), I’m trying to use that time productively, which is helping with my sanity and that thing we call “work/life balance.” In addition to being able to get the recommended hours of sleep on those nights, and do laundry and other chores like that, or being able to run out for errands during the hours that businesses are actually open, (oh, and not spend 4 hours/day on the train), I’ve been trying to take advantage of daytime classes at my gym (usually yoga and pilates), and today … making dinner in a slow cooker. Although because I was prepping this, I missed yoga class. Which is why I’ll never be a housewife. It’s too hard.

slow cooker chicken and mushrooms
Chicken with Mushrooms via this recipe.

And in case my co-workers are reading this, I work later hours into the evening when I work from home than I do in the office, so I’m still spending the same number of hours working.

And if I could get my act together, I could make slow cooker meals on the days I do go to the office. IF I can get my act together. So. It’s a toss up.


I got a new pair of glasses from Firmoo (for free, in exchange for a review). I decided since I already have a pair of (what I think are) flattering glasses for everyday wear, to take a risk and get something a bit … trendier?

hipster glasses hipster glasses hipster glasses

I’m not sure what I think about them yet. They are still growing on me. These are the most flattering angles in these glasses. Eventually I will write a full review on my “fashion” blog. I also got a pair of glasses recently from (through the free offer that has been going around Facebook). I did have to pay for shipping for those. Those are much more boring, I mean, practical.

glasses glasses

This post is getting creepy. This is a lot of pictures of my face.

Anyway, the glasses from are on the left, and my normal, everyday (from an eye doctor and therefore expensive) glasses are on the right. The glasses from my eye doc also have features that weren’t available through Firmoo and Coastal, so I’ll still buy my everyday glasses from an eye doctor, but it is nice to have some alternatives.


I cannot pass up a good deal on a race, so I signed up for the Jingle Bell 5K on December 9 … for $2. They are offering a Schwaggle deal for $15, I’m an Active Advantage member, so I save 20% on all Schwaggle deals, plus I had a $10 credit because someone bought a Schwaggle off of one of my referral links. And yes, that link that I included is another referral link.

F'N Runners Christmas Eve
Time to bust out the holiday running outfits

So that’s four races for me (so far) before the end of the year:

Four races for under $50. This explains why I race so much. I cannot pass up a good deal!

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7 Comments on “Three Things Thursday – Cooking, Glasses and Race Deals”

  1. I like the glasses. I am too old for the trendy look. I can’t pull it off.

    I love that you are signed up for so many races. I find being signed up makes me so much more accountable. Right now it is out of the question. I look forward to your reviews!

  2. Choosing glasses has always been a challenge for me. I actually like the larger frames on you! Edgy.

    And $2 for a race? Jealous! I almost want to sign up for many races between December and March to hold myself accountable for running. I’m running the Perfect 10K so I fully except a blogger meetup 🙂

    1. Normally when I’m at the eye doc picking frames, I try on like EVERY PAIR they have. Multiple times. Before finally picking a pair.

      Also, we’ll definitely do a blogger meet-up at the Perfect 10!

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