Be Seen in the Dark Without an Ugly Vest – Reflective Running Gear

I don’t stop running when the days are shorter, even if that means doing more runs in the dark. It’s not my preference, but what are you going to do?

Stay safe! That’s what!

There are lots of ways to stay safe when running at night.

  • Find a well-lit street or area
  • Find an area with sidewalks – stay off the streets if possible (a good lesson for the kids, har har)
  • Run in areas you are familiar with
  • Run with a buddy or group (safety in numbers)
  • Make sure you can see – wear a light (check the camping section of your sporting goods store for headlamps, or get a pair of Knuckle Lights)
  • Make sure drivers can see you – wear something reflective

When it comes to being reflective, most people go with a vest. A large, billowy, unflattering vest. I used to run in such a vest. And I hated it! It was so big, I spent most of my run adjusting, pulling, fidgeting, etc. Plus, I looked cool. Not.

Enter RelaxReflect clothing. It’s a little pricey (compared to Target), but it’s much cuter, and it’s just like your regular running clothes, but much more visible:

From Relax Reflect, I’m wearing:

Stripe and Star Leggings (DryFlex MicroPoly)
Random Stripes Tee (DryFlex MicroPoly)
All American Skull Cap (Brush DryFlex)

I find that the items fit pretty well and are good quality.

  • If you order leggings, I recommend telling them what length inseam you prefer.
  • If you’re between sizes, I would suggest going with the larger size for tops. Especially if you plan to layer.
  • The cap has a ponytail hole which I appreciate! I don’t mind altering a $5 hat from Old Navy, I didn’t want to do the same to a $30 hat. I’mwearingg the cap over a Nike hat.

In addition, RelaxReflect provides great customer service! The stitching on the waistband of my leggings started unraveling after a couple wears, and I was able to return the pants and receive a replacement pair. I was also told that they replaced their seamstress, and my unraveling leggings were probably sewn by their old seamstress.

Overall, I recommend RelaxReflect if you run in the dark and are tired of frumpy reflective vests, or if you are doing a nighttime race, like Ragnar. In addition to adult-sizes (for men and women), RelaxReflect also carries children sizes, so you can keep your kids safe when they are outside in the dark or dusk. You can also create custom t-shirts on their site.


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8 Comments on “Be Seen in the Dark Without an Ugly Vest – Reflective Running Gear”

  1. I’m really liking some of the reflective stuff for Ragnar! Maybe (if approved by the Ragnar folks) we could wear this clothing instead of an ugly reflective vest? I like this idea much better. Haha… and I just might need to buy a few pieces of this for myself!

  2. I have one of their hats but I got it in January when I was taking some time off from running. Hopefully I’ll get to use it this winter! I love their prints and the whole idea behind making reflective running clothes that are fun.

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