Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: Post-Marathon Rest

Thursday: 4mi in 38 minutes, 9:31 pace. Legs were feeling good and I wanted to make it out for my usual Thursday evening run with my group!

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 2.8mi in 28 minutes, 9:49 pace. Wanted to do 6 miles, but the light rain at the start of my run turned into a downpour, and I realized I’m not training for anything, so I cut the run short and headed home.

Sunday: 6mi in 59 minutes, 9:49 pace. No rain this time. Lovely fall day, actually a little bit warmer (almost 70). Used this run to decide if I’m doing the half or the 5K at ZOOMA this upcoming weekend. Decided I don’t feel like running double digits, so I’m doing the 5K.

Total Miles: 13
Total Time: 2hr, 4min


Left: Wednesday night marathon celebration with the FNRC
Right: Thursday night run with the FNRC


Totally unexpected “congrats on finishing a marathon” gifts from Genevieve and Kelly. Thank you!!!!



  • Now that the marathon is over, it’s nice to just be able to run whatever distance or pace I want, without looking at what is on the schedule, or worrying that I’m running too fast.
  • I wanted to recover for a week, but I’m ready to start doing real speedwork again! I know I’ve lost some speed over the past few months, and I’m ready to get it back (and then some, hopefully). And my goal this winter is to get into a regular strength routine.
  • I have a lot of thoughts about the marathon, but I’ll save those for another post.