Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 3.1mi in 30 minutes, 9:40 pace.

Wednesday: Pilates-Yoga class at the gym. Did all the “easy” versions of the poses/exercises … didn’t want any muscle soreness for Sunday. Also, realized how much I’ve been slacking on core work. Oops.

Thursday AM: Yoga class. Felt sooo good.
Thursday PM: 2mi in 19 minutes, 9:41 pace. Ran with the FNRC. It was raining, so I was glad to have a short run on the schedule.

Friday: 2.16mi in 24 minutes, 10:54 pace. Brooks fun run at the Chicago Marathon expo.

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: 26.2 miles!!!! in 4:55:45, 11:17 pace. In case you missed it, I ran the Chicago Marathon 🙂

Total miles: 33
Total time: 7h, 8min

Brooks Fun Run


  • During my Running Sucks period of marathon training, I questioned why anyone would do more than one marathon. But running the Chicago Marathon was such an awesome experience, especially for “locals” – this is an amazing way to experience this city. I still cannot believe it was 26 miles of almost solid spectators. Xaarlin has a pretty neat slideshow on her blog, go check it out if you haven’t see it. Now I understand why some people do this race year after year, instead of checking out other marathons. Unless I was specifically going for a BQ (like when I’m 50), I don’t know how you could top this race. (Similarly, I doubt I’ll ever have a chance to run the NYC Marathon.)
  • Now that the marathon is over, I plan to write a review of CARA Summer Marathon Training, in case anyone is interested. Stay tuned for a future post, but let me know if there is anything you are curious about.
  • I went back and checked my 2012 goals, and I’ve already achieved all of my running goals for 2012. I have three more races this year (ZOOMA [probably doing the 5K instead of the half] on 10/20, Chicago’s Perfect 10 [mile] on 11/10 and a Turkey Trot 5K on 11/24). I’m not really sure how I’m going to “train” for any of them. Obviously my focus right now is on resting. I’m doing the F^3 Half at the end of January, so that might be the next race I train for. In the meantime, I need to focus on core/strength work. Once I’m no longer sore from the marathon. (Still hurts to walk down stairs.)
  • Speaking of which, other than expected muscle soreness (mostly in my quads, a little bit in my shoulders yesterday, and none in my calves, so I think the compression sleeves really do help), I had no chafing and only found one blister (which was not bothersome) as a result of the marathon. So … training runs are also good for training you where to apply Body Glide.
  • How long do you wait after a marathon to run again? I’ve heard one day for every mile, but is that ANY running, or just anything other than an easy run?