I think I’ve started writing this post before and never posted it. But I hate packing.

Even though the Chicago Marathon is “local” for us, my husband and I are staying downtown this weekend. My parents generously offered to pay for our room. Of course everywhere within walking distance of the marathon start has a two-night minimum this weekend. So, darn, we have to stay downtown TWO nights! πŸ™‚

Anyway, do you know how many outfits you need for one marathon weekend? Like, a million.

UntitledRace outfit – This has been pretty much decided since the summer. I got my ACS singlet a long time ago, found red shorts to match it and bought blue compression sleeves at the RnR Chicago expo. But now with the colder temps, I’ve decided to wear a blue long sleeve tech shirt under my singlet. (At the time, I thought a blue shirt for a Christmas race was an odd choice, but now I’m glad I have it.)

Throw-away clothes – Crappy pair of gray fleece pants from a clothing swap and one of the two brown hoodies I have from the 2010 Hot Chocolate race. The design on the back of the hoodie is kind of ugly (sorry, RAM Racing, but it’s true), so I don’t really need two of these. The two I have are too different sizes, and the one that is a little bit snug will be tossed.

Post-race – it’s still going to be chilly when I finish running, so I need something to throw on.

Post-shower – I’m planning to go the compression-tights-under-long-skirt route for the ride home.

Expo – I’m participating in a fun run at the expo, so I need something I can both walk around in and not look weird (or get cold), and run in.

Team Dinner – Friday night is the ACS DetermiNation team dinner. I don’t think I need to dress up, but I need to look presentable. (So I can’t just show up in my running clothes.)

Saturday daytime – We’re having a blogger lunch (if you’re a blogger, join us!) so I have to actually get out of my pajamas. (Or do I?)

Saturday dinner – I made reservations at a nice Italian restaurant. I have a cute dress that needs to make an appearance. This may be the occasion. But of course I’ll wear flats. And sadly, I’m going to have to order the most boring thing on their delicious-sounding menu. First world problem, for sure.

So that’s eight outfits. (Not quite a million, but feels that way). Eight outfits for one weekend. So many decisions! And I have a hard time making decisions. (I’ve been told I over think things … Me? NO, NEVER.)


This isn’t even all of it.Β I also need to finish decorating for Halloween.

Do you hate packing? I HATE PACKING. I also hate unpacking.