A little late in the week, but I’ve been too busy thinking (and blogging) about the marathon 24/7.

Monday: 4mi in 39 minutes, 9:47 pace.

Tuesday: 3.1mi in 28 minutes, 8:52 pace. Prior to this run, I hadn’t run “just 3 miles” in over two months! So I celebrated the “short” run by doing some 800s on the track. With the warm-ups and recoveries, I could only fit in 3, but they were each around 3:37 (~7:15 pace). I miss running fast. I think I lost the “speed” I had worked up to for my goal half in June.

Wednesday: walking

Thursday: 4mi in 40 minutes, 9:57 pace.

Friday: walking

Saturday: walking

Sunday: 6.1mi in 59 minutes, 9:42 pace. Last six miles of the marathon course.

Total miles ran: 17
Total miles walked: 11


Thursday Lunch with some blogger friends at Native Foods Cafe


Thursday run and post-run dinner with the FNRC 


  • Whoever complains about tapering … I don’t understand you.
  • This is the first time since early May that all of my runs for a week have been sub-10 pace.
  • MARATHON MARATHON MARATHON MARATHON. Sorry. That’s pretty much the only thing running through my mind right now. After Sunday, I’ll stop acting like I’m the first person in the history of the world to run a marathon.