A Number of Things Part Two

First things first.

The Sailor has decided he’s not running the marathon. He hasn’t run over 13 miles since the Sunburst Half Marathon on June 2. I was getting nervous at the thought of him attempting the marathon. Now I can worry about just myself on that day (that sounds selfish, but I didn’t want to be running the marathon and worry more about how he was doing than how I was doing) and he can be my cheerleader! And yes, that means we have an “extra” Chicago Marathon bib. Interested parties can email me at mag@magmilerunner.com for more info.

Today (Friday, Sept 28) is the last day you can make a donation in support of my American Cancer Society fundraising. You can also buy an I Run With Fast Women or I <3 Fast Women shirt today and I will donate those proceeds to my fundraising. (The proceeds from any shirts sold after today will still be donated to a charity. Probably the American Cancer Society, although I looking into other worthy charities. Perhaps a women’s charity to go with the whole “Fast Women” thing.)

Moving on.

Early this morning I attended my company’s annual Health Fair … I think I’m in the best shape I’ve been in since high school soccer season. My weight is down to a number I probably haven’t seen since college. My body fat was the lowest percentage I’ve ever registered (although sometimes those machines are off). My blood pressure is always low, today it was one of the lowest readings I’ve ever had (not “scary” low or anything). I also had a blood draw (and a flu shot! two pokings!) so hopefully those numbers are good too. So … I guess I need to keep signing up for marathons, huh? I’m also becoming less of a wuss around needles. I might actually have the guts to donate blood again. (For some reason I became a total wuss in my 20s.)

Then later on, I was downtown for the American Heart Association’s Heart Walk. My company fielded a huge … presence. (Spoiler alert! You should be able to figure out who I work for. If you haven’t yet clicked the link to my LinkedIn profile, that is.)

Most of the Online Marketing & Media Production team

More than one person asked me if it would be weird to walk instead of run. Um, running during a “walk” would be weird. So, no, walking during a walk would not be weird. However, figuring out what to wear was a challenge. I know how to dress for a race when the temps are in the 60s. A leisurely walk? I tried not to think too hard and went with yoga pants.

While I was there (since this was in the same area where the marathon starts/ends), I snapped a pic of one of the many street banners that are up for the marathon.

9 days to the Chicago marathon!

Speaking of which, THANK YOU for all of your comments on my last post! That is why blogging is so great. I have my own little virtual support system.

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5 Comments on “A Number of Things Part Two”

  1. Congrats on your awesome stats at the health screening! I had my blood pressure taken at the dentist on Friday and it was abnormally high for me. I think I needed that little kick in the arse.

  2. Congratulations on fantastic health statistics, your marathon training has really made a difference!

    I think it was smart that your husband decided not to run the marathon. It’s downright dangerous to attempt that distance without the proper training!

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