We are now into single digits for the countdown to the Chicago Marathon.

And I am so. damn. excited.

I’ve kind of been keeping this to myself. For a couple of reasons.

#1 – I try to limit my running posts on my Facebook profile. I have a lot of friends who don’t “get” my running and have commented that my running makes them feel lazy. Not really my problem, but I can take the hint, so I try to keep the posts to a minimum (usually just sticking to race photos, fundraising pleas and the occasional “who wants to do this race?”) Which is one of the main reasons I have this blog and also created a FB page for this blog. I can put all my running excitement there for whoever wants to see it. (And my non-runner friends who comment positive things about my running? I LOVE THEM.)

#2 – A lot of my running friends seemed to be … not be as excited for the marathon. They are injured, or burned out on training, or nervous, or all of the above.

I was going through some major running burn-out a couple weeks ago, but in case you haven’t noticed, I’m over that. I’ve stopped over-thinking my running and am allowing myself to just have fun. I’m not an elite, so it’s not like it’ll make a huge difference come race day.

So I’m back to my usual “RUNNING IS AWESOME AND I WANT TO DO IT EVERY DAY” (if life didn’t get in the way) self. (Which … is so weird. Before 2010, the thought of me, running? HAHAHAHA.)

I remember watching the marathon on TV last year, and feeling without a doubt in my mind that I wanted to be there. On that day, I knew that I was going to run the 2012 Chicago Marathon.

I have been waiting for October 7 for 51 weeks. It’s been in the back of my mind since 10/9/11. In the front of my mind since training officially started in early June.

I didn’t even take this long to plan my wedding. (We were engaged in October and married the following April.) If/when I ever have kids, I wouldn’t even spend this long pregnant.

So I’m ready.

I’ve done the training.

I’ve done every assigned run (although a few have been cut short by a mile or three, but no biggie).

I’ve been good about recovery – stretching and ice baths and foam rolling. Never enough, but [knock on wood], no injuries.

I’ve started weather-stalking and things are looking promising. [Knock on wood again.]

Mentally, I am so ready. I know I can do this. I’ve done 20[.4] slow miles. I can “race” 26.2 miles. I know there are things that will happen on race day that never happened in training. I know it won’t go exactly as planned. But I know I can do it.

And I’m so excited. This is supposed to be a great race. 40,000 of my best running friends. 26 miles of cheering crowds. The best city in the world (in my humble opinion). The chance to try something I never even thought I would want to do, let alone be able to do. The culmination of not just four months of dedicated training, but over a year of running consistently.

BRING IT ON. I’M READY TO OWN CHICAGO. (To steal Nike’s phase.)

There is still time to support my fundraising. Friday, September 28 is the last day to make a donation on my behalf to the American Cancer Society, or purchase a “Fast Women” shirt – all of my profits are donated to the ACS.


Running Fort2Base last weekend. Source:Β http://racedayphoto.smugmug.com/