Monday: 5mi in 52 minutes, 10:27 pace. Legs were still a little tired from the weekend (20 miler + dancing at a friend’s wedding on Saturday).

Tuesday: Massage! I bought an Amazon Local deal for a 60-minute in-home massage for $25. I think her normal rate is $50. SUCH a good deal.

Wednesday: 4mi in 37 minutes, 9:18 pace. Did miles 2-4 at marathon effort/heart rate.

Thursday: 1-hour Yoga class at the gym; 5mi in 52 minutes, 10:23 pace. Yoga felt SO GOOD. My back was sore and felt so much better after yoga.

Friday-Saturday: rest

Sunday: Fort2Base 10 Nautical Mile Race, 11.5 mi in 1:50, 9:34 pace. Nice chilly temps, great race … great day!

Total miles: 26
Total time:  5hr, 11min

flat runner Untitled

On the left: Race outifts (mine is laid out, my husband’s is folded on the arm)
On the right: Post-race goodies


  • It starting to becoming glaringly clear that my core workouts have dropped off. Good thing bikini season is over.
  • Doing yoga felt so great; I need to make a better effort to do that more.
  • Less than two weeks to the marathon. OMG.

Totally unrelated … but I hate my phone. It’s slow, it doesn’t hold a charge, etc. It’s just inefficient for what I need it to do. (I’m on Verizon and have the Samsung Stratosphere.) Unfortunately, it’s not that old (less than a year), so I can’t use an upgrade. Even if I stole an earlier upgrade from someone else on my family plan … I still have to wait until 2013. So if I went to the Verizon store, I’d have to drop like $600 on a decent phone. That’s not happening. Is there anything else I can do? I’ve been checking ebay for refurbished phones, but it looks like I’ll still have to shell out $200 for a well-reviewed phone (like the iPhone or Droid something-or-other), and I get nervous dropping that much money on something that is used and not from an “official” source, like the Verizon store.