I have to admit something

I love fall as much as the next person. There are so many things to like. Cooler temps. Halloween. Leaves changing colors. Festivals. Pumpkin patches. Carving pumpkins. Roasted pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin pie. Pumpkin everything.


Pumpkin spice lattes: My drug of choice

I don’t love pumpkin spice lattes.

I love coffee. And I love pumpkin. But I [usually] don’t like my coffee sweetened. I prefer it with cream (or mik, or soy milk), but no sweeteners. (OK, sometimes I could go for a mocha coconut frappucino, but that’s not really about the coffee.) I know everyone OMG LOVES when pumpkin spice lattes come back. I’ve tired it a few times. It’s not that good.

Just give me plain coffee with milk. (OK, I can get on board with hazelnut beans/grounds … but NO SYRUP.)

(Oh, wait, I’m a huge liar … I remember trying the gingerbread latte from Starbucks last fall and liking that. But OMG Pumpkin Spice Lattes! are not that great.)

What else don’t I love?

Now eating: candy corn oreo. Cc @gingerfoxxx

I’m sorry, but Oreos without chocolate? What’s the point? These are merely “OK” to me. I don’t love them. But I’ll eat them when a package of them is left in the kitchen at work.

(Sara, plz don’t send hate mail.)

What fall things do you hate/not like that everyone else OMG LOVES?

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20 Comments on “I have to admit something”

  1. Im relieved to know that Im not the only one who doesnt fancy a pumpkin latte. I really hate pumpkin pie too. And since im generally a debbie downer when it comes to “junk” food- I’ll also admit to hating candy corn. WHat are those even made of? So now you know my feelings about that mutant oreo 🙂

  2. I’m honestly not even interested in trying a candy corn oreo AND I tried a PSL for the first time this year and it wasn’t that great. Granted, I’m not a HUGE pumpkin person but I think 1 a year is enough for me

  3. I need to come clean and say I’ve never even had a PSL. I do have a bag of PS Dunkin Donuts coffee that I drink with a touch of Stevia. I don’t care for the CC Oreos either.

  4. I do like pumpkin spice lattes but I have not had one in years. There is no convenient starbucks around me and then when I do happen to be by one, I just don’t really feel like drinking those calories when I already had coffee that morning. I think I like the gingerbread lattes too. Its good for a treat.

    I don’t understand why oreo made the candy corn oreos with the white cookies! IT would have been so much better with the chocolate!!!

  5. I remember liking the a shot of pumpkin in my chai lattes last year but tried it this year and didn’t care for it! I still cannot wait to try those oreos though. Steven really likes the vanilla oreos, so I wonder if he will like those.

    I can think of a huge list of non-fall things that everyone loves but I do not care for… but that is not what you are asking for. Muah ha ha.

  6. HOW DARE YOUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!! I guess it works out – more for me. And seeing as how i hate the chocolate standard edition ones, more of those for you! I don’t love the pumpkin spice lattes either, but i am a black coffee girl. I would rather get a black coffee and a pumpkin-y baked treat!

    Why does everyone who reads your blog hate candy corn so much??? 😉

    1. Haha I had no idea so many people didn’t like candy corn. I actually don’t mind it, especially mixed with dry roasted peanuts. But the oreos … I just get sad when something should have chocolate but doesn’t. Don’t even get me started on white chocolate … what kind of cruel joke is that??????

  7. Since I don’t drink coffee I’ve never had a pumpkin spice latte…but I did just try the pumpkin chai tea from Argo Tea. It was good but had a strange aftertaste. Not sure if that was the pumpkin, the chai, or the sugar. I may need to do further research.

    I don’t mind candy corn, but I HATE regular Oreos. Gag me with a spoon. So, maybe I’d actually like the candy corn ones? Unless they just taste like a bunch of sugar with no flavor. Then I’m not interested.

  8. Step off my Pumpkin Spice Latte! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the PSL. And when the season turns to snow, I’ll be drinking the Peppermint Mocha Latte, which all of you will hate cuz its too sweet. I personally don’t like coffee so if they can’t turn it into a dessert, then I’m out.

    Haven’t tried the candy corn oreos, we went straight for the choco ones with the orange icing. Yum. I can’t say I like or dislike candy corn, its lacks the wow factor for me cuz it doesn’t have chocolate.

    1. My husband feels the same way about coffee … he hates the taste of just coffee, so he always goes for the mocha + whip cream concoctions. I’ve never tried the Peppermint Mocha Latte … but maybe I will! If there is chocolate, there is a better chance that I will like it. And people don’t freak out over those like I’ve seen them freak out over the Pumpkin Spice ones. People go CRAZY when those come back. I mean geez … it’s not like they are Shamrock Shakes, haha. (Haven’t had one of those in YEARS though.)

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