Training, Sept 10-16

Monday: 5mi in 46 minutes, 9:03 pace. Running was sucking so much the week before, so I stopped overthinking it and allowed myself to do whatever pace I wanted. And I enjoyed it.

Tuesday: Stop the presses, I went to the gym. Did a bunch of stuff to work my arms and core – hand weights, resistance bands, planks, leg lifts on a foam roller (you do leg lefts … but you are laying on a foam roller. yes it’s hard but I love it) – and then stretched and foam rolled my legs.

Wednesday: Fartlek! 5mi in 48 minutes, 9:30 pace.

Thursday: 5mi in 49 minutes, 9:39 pace. Group run with the F’N Runners. It was nice and cool! I actually wore long sleeves! I was so confused at first, because our pace felt “brisk,” but my heart rate was so low! Eventually I figured out it was a good 10-20 degrees cooler than what I’m used to.

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 20.4mi in 3:41, 10:50 pace. My last really long run was a fantastic group run with the F’N Runners.
Saturday night: dancing in heels at a wedding …

Sunday: REST

Total miles: 35
Total time:  7hr, 3min

Chicago Marathon confirmation
Chicago Marathon confirmations came in the mail today!


  • In case you didn’t notice, I’m feeling great after my 20 miler.
  • I also love running again.
  • I scheduled a massage for tomorrow and I’m sooo excited. I also have a Groupon for another massage that I plan to schedule for after the marathon.
  • I’m so ready for the taper! I was looking over my training from last fall. I remembered that I didn’t run a lot between the Rock ‘n’ Roll Chicago Half in August and Fort2Base in September. According to my Fort2Base race report, I ran 32 miles TOTAL in the four weeks between those races. And, Fort2Base was my strongest longer race (10 or more miles) in 2011 – best pace, and I felt great at that race. So, I totally trust the taper. Bring it.
  • That’s also making me think that my “plan” for the ZOOMA Half Marathon, which is 13 days after the marathon, is to run very little between those races. Maybe a few 3-4 milers.
  • And I’m also really looking forward to Fort2Base this Sunday. I plan to use it as a training run, but I might not go super easy with my pace … I’d like to PR, which shouldn’t derail my training or anything – my pace last year was 10:19. And the weather is supposed to be awesome. I might warm up for 4 miles and then do the rest at the heart rate I’ll target in the early miles of the marathon.
  • After I got back from my 20 miler on Saturday, my parents went out for a bike ride, and covered some of the same trail I ran. Apparently they only rode about 10 miles, and my mom says she can’t believe that I RAN even more than that. I can’t either. I mean … it didn’t FEEL like I was running for 3 hours and 40 minutes. But I was.
  • I’m trying to think of ideas for a blogger (not just Chicago bloggers!) meet-up for the marathon. I think meeting up at the race will be a bit of a clusterf*ck (although we can still attempt it), so I was thinking of planning something for Saturday, maybe a carb-loading lunch or a short & slow shake-out run on the Lakefront Path on Saturday morning (not too early) or meeting-up at the expo (or all three?) … if you would attend a meet-up on Saturday (all bloggers are invited even if you aren’t signed up for the marathon), let me know what you think.
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4 Comments on “Training, Sept 10-16”

  1. I think something “away” from the Expo will be good! I like the lakefront path shakeout run, and/or a lunch or coffee/snack as well. Somewhere in Lincoln Park potentially (Cosi @ Clark/Webster shouldn’t be too crazy in comparison to Old Town), or in the loop/west loop if we don’t want to go too far into LP land.

    I’ll probably be going to the expo on Friday.

  2. I think I am going to be too nervous to go for a run on Saturday! Therefore, I’d vote we either meet at the Expo or meet for food someplace on Saturday. I’m partial to the West Loop since that’s where I live, but anyplace that is accessible via public transit would be awesome. Thanks so much for organizing!

  3. So happy you had a fab week! I had so much fun at F2B last year, I cannot wait to hear how much fun you all have this year 🙂 You can totally PR! Especially if the weather is nice!

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