Training, Sept 3-9

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 5mi in 54 minutes, 10:46 pace. On DailyMile, I wrote: “Dear Summer: I’M OVER YOU” so we can guess how I felt about that run.

Wednesday: 8mi in 1:30, 11:16 pace. One of the most difficult runs I’ve ever done. I had to drag myself through pretty much every mile, and honestly I’m surprised I did all 8 miles. It was not fun, the sun was setting so I did the later miles in the dark. (I know that will be routine come winter, but right now it’s just one more mental obstacle.)

Thursday: 4.15mi in 44 minutes, 10:45 pace. I was supposed to do 5 miles but … I just couldn’t. On the upside, I made it to an FNRC run which used to be a 2-3 times/week occurrence and now is maybe 2 times/month.

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Chicago Half Marathon. 13.1 in 2:18:05, 10:32 pace. Used it as a training run. For me, that’s not as fun as racing. Erin’s post-race brunch was fun though.

Total miles: 30
Total time: 5hr 26 min



  • Strength training? What’s that? I have  gym membership?
  • My last Training post said that running feels like a chore right now. I feel like I’ve gone past that … I won’t get any more melodramatic on you though. But considering many of my friends training for the marathon are dealing with injuries and pains that may sideline them from the race, or at the very least make training difficult from here on out, I’ll try to keep my complaining to a minimum.
  • Everyone still keeps saying this part of training sucks. So, at least there is some consistency.
  • One of my co-workers (who coaches the local “fast” running club), told me “Hang in there. If you’re mentally fresh right now after all of those long runs – it probably means you didn’t train hard enough.” He’s not usually one to blow smoke up someone’s … anyway, I don’t think he’s just humoring me.
  • I’m not even worried about this weekend’s 20 miler. Because I am SO HAPPY that my mid-week runs are all now 5 miles or shorter for the rest of training. I think those runs were so much harder. Probably because of my weekday schedule as of late. (8 hours at the office + 4 hours of commuting = sucks as much as you think it does.)
  • I really love all my running friends. Whether I met them through the FNRC, Yankee Runners, blogging, or they are someone I know for non-running reasons who happens to be a runner (those are the best! like little gems to make you feel more normal among your “regular” friends!), I’m just so happy to have met them, and that they listen to me complain, and keep offering support, advice, encouragement or their own complaints.
  • 26 days to the marathon! (Whoa, how’d that exclamation point get there?)
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9 Comments on “Training, Sept 3-9”

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  1. Monday was the day I decided I was not running until my 50K unless I ran with friends! It is this effing humidity! Didn’t the cooler temps yesterday make you feel a bit better? 🙂

    Running friends are the best. They just… get it 🙂 It was so nice to see you on Sunday!!!

    1. The cooler temps did feel nice … I think I’m just tired of training and ready to RACE. I might just ignore my better judgement (and Vera’s advice) and race Fort2Base. Just to get me out of this funk!

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