Tonight, I decided that I’m done with sucky runs.

I feel like I’ve been a slave to my Garmin, specifically, the heart rate monitor.

I’ll be honest, I feel like I’m so “evolved” by not letting the pace on my Garmin control me. But I let my heart rate control me. Maybe I should, but I’m getting bored. Obviously.

I’ve been running so many long, slow miles … I just want to go fast! I haven’t really had the motivation or energy in the past couple weeks to do any kind of speedwork, even though it would probably be beneficial to do a weekly tempo run or intervals/fartleks. I have been doing some marathon pace runs (by effort), so that’s something. I’d like to blame the heat for my lack of speedwork, but it was mental too.

So tonight, I put on my Garmin and heart rate strap (because I’m a sucker for data), laced up and headed out.

And didn’t look at my Garmin once for 5 miles. Didn’t look at my pace when it beeped for mile splits. Didn’t even check my heart rate.

I just ran at the pace my body wanted to run.

I didn’t care that yesterday was a half marathon, and also my long run, and today “should” have been a rest day, or if I had to go out, a recovery run. I’m sick of running easy all the time! I don’t like easy! That’s not why I run!

I run because it’s exhilarating! I like to run “fast.”

Fast is a relative term.

I didn’t even run fast enough for this to be considered speedwork. Maybe marathon pace. But that’s not the point.

I knew during my run that my pace was too fast to be easy, but too slow to even be a tempo run. It was that junky in-between pace that the “experts” say is a waste of time.

But I didn’t care. It felt good to just go. Instead of holding back and shuffling along because my Garmin said to hold back.

And finally … I enjoyed myself.

So … lesson learned. Stop overthinking it all the time. Just have fun. It’s supposed to be fun, remember? I’m not getting paid to do this, so who cares if my training plan isn’t executed perfectly?

I have no pictures from today’s run, but I did take these pictures earlier today, during my morning and evening commutes.

Good morning
It wasn’t too long ago that the sun was over the horizon when I got to the train station.
Not a proclamation you hear everyday
This was outside the Chicago Cultural Center. No idea what it’s for.
Chicago teachers on strike
Chicago teachers on strike


Also! I forgot to mention that during the half yesterday, someone came up to me and asked me if I have a blog. (I was wearing one of my I Run With Fast Women shirts, with on the back of it.) She said she found my blog when she was searching for people running the marathon. I didn’t get her name … but whoever you are, if you see this, I hope you had a good race! Thanks for saying “hi.”