Zipfizz Review and Giveaway

The friendly folks at Zipfizz recently asked me via Twitter if I wanted to review some Zipfizz. Of course I want to review your free product. Especially if it has the word “fizz” in the name. This is a girl who buys three 12 packs of seltzer at a time, to mix with fruit juice because I love the fizz of pop (but not the excessive sugar and calories).


You can read all about Zipfizz on their website, but basically it’s a low calorie, sugar-free energy drink. I’ve tried a few powdered drink tablets (Nuun, GU Brew) and wasn’t really a big fan of the taste (and subsequently gave whatever I had left of those products to Kelly because she is a fan of the tablets). Zipfizz isn’t a tablet, but it is in powdered form, so it’s the same idea.

But so far, Zipfizz tastes pretty good! No leftovers for Kelly this time! (Sorry.)

And it does seem to give me energy. I’ve tried it both before/during/after a run, as well as after a night of drinking. (Hey, dehydration is dehydration, right?) I’m happy to say that this product worked well in both situations.

So far I’ve only seen Zipfizz for sale at race expos, but according to their website, you can purchase it from a few different places, or order online.

BUT (you saw this coming, right?) you can try Zipfizz for free! If you leave a comment (uhh …. let’s continue this fizz theme and tell me in your comment if you call sugary carbonated drinks “soda” or “pop” or something else) by September 12 and I pick your name, that is. You will get one each of the flavors pictured above, along with a water bottle.

I will post the name of the winner first thing on September 13, along with instructions on how to claim your prize if you won. If you do not claim your prize by the end of the day on September 15, I will pick a new winner. 

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8 Comments on “Zipfizz Review and Giveaway”

  1. I call it soda. Not sure why but I do, the word “pop” sounds weird to me. Hubby uses the word pop but that may be just to drive me crazzzzzzzyyyyy.

    I’ve only tried the pink lemonade flavor at an expo but really liked it. I would love to try more! I’m not big on the table type hydration products, taste is an issue for me. I must be picky. 🙂

  2. I call it pop!!! Didn’t know what soda was until I was probably in high school. Pop is the Minneapolis way = the right way : )

    I would love to try this stuff. But not the grape. Grape flavor makes me shutter.

  3. I call it soda – east coast girl here. I used to drink 2 – 4 cans of diet soda per day. Quit soda cold turkey in April but I LOVE seltzer — drink it a ton! (Hope you find the fun again in your running!)

  4. I think I’m one of three dozen people in Chicagoland who calls soda soda and not pop. Even my extended family calls it pop. Yay for another contest! 🙂

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